A Book to Color, published in 1967, was the first Star Trek: The Original Series coloring book anthology. Its three original stories were among the earliest licensed Star Trek stories, predated only by Gold Key Comics' first issue. The book was released in two editions, 80-page #9570 and 112-page #9670, each containing the same stories. Story details were updated for reprinting in 1975, split into two anthologies, Coloring Book C1856 and Coloring Book C1862.




  • The three stories took place immediately prior to TOS episode & Star Trek 5 novelization: This Side of Paradise, which was referenced at the end of the third story.
  • Artist Robert Doremus signed his cover illustration.
  • The cover included a logo for NBC, the network which initially broadcast Star Trek episodes in the 1960s.
  • The back cover was a duplicate of the front cover, except for having a blank square where the price and edition number had been on the front.


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