A Book to Color, second story was the third licensed Star Trek: The Original Series story. Published by Saalfield Publishing in 1967, it was the second of three untitled coloring book stories appearing in the anthology A Book to Color. The story was edited for its reprinting in Coloring Book C1856 in 1975.

In this story, the inhabitants of Circo were found anesthetized by odorous plants.


The USS Enterprise traveled to Earth for shore leave. While there, James T. Kirk and Spock watched a pair of astronauts training in zero gravity, with Kirk remarking that they should take some training lessons. Kirk also visited his family home. Unfortunately, leave was cut short when an emergency arose on the planet Circo.

When the Enterprise entered orbit, Spock detected no activity on the surface. Kirk, Spock, Hikaru Sulu and a crewman beamed down. Sulu immediately noticed unusual plants with sunflower-like centers all over the place. Everyone seemed to be unconscious: one person was found asleep in his groundcar, with a boy and his dog sleeping near a tree. Suddenly the strange plants floated over the landing party and seeds burst out. Sulu reported via his communicator that he smelt a sweet odor, then fell asleep. More plants assaulted the rest of the landing party. Kirk ordered everyone back to the ship.

Research scientists assessed images of the plants, then Leonard McCoy recommended that they be dried up. Kirk and Spock returned to the surface and sprayed a chemical defoliant on the plants, remarking that it would be several hours before people revived.

Sulu awoke and felt better. Once back on the ship, he and Spock drank coffee.



James T. KirkLeonard McCoySpockHikaru SuluNyota Uhuraunnamed Starfleet personnel

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • groundcar


Circo/Onyx XIIIEarth (Riverside, Iowa)

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Science and technologyEdit

chemicalcommunicatordefoliantmagnifying glassmicrotape readertransportertricorder

Ranks and titlesEdit

astronautcaptaindoctorFederation Starfleet ranks (2260s)research scientistStarfleet ranks

Other referencesEdit

anesthesiaassignment patchbeambridgeCirco sleeping plantcoffeedogdonutflowerhourhouselifeminuteobservation portplantpoisonshore leavesleepstarStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2265-2270)sunflowertransporter roomtreewellzero gravity



Production historyEdit

First printed in the anthology A Book to Color (Saalfield Publishing)
Updated as the first of two stories in the anthology Coloring Book C1856 (Saalfield Publishing)



  • The entire planet's population of two billion had been anesthetized, but the story only showed the initial use of the defoliant. The process of curing the problem worldwide was not shown. The origin of the plants, whether native or invasive, was also not explored.
  • Ship's scientists studied drawings of the plants rather than tricorder data, perhaps so the drawings could be colored in by readers.
  • Leonard McCoy was not drawn to resemble DeForest Kelley.

Edition differencesEdit

  • Preface
    • In the 1967 edition, before the Enterprise returned to Earth, a group unknown aliens watched the USS Enterprise and Spock made emergency repairs.
    • In the 1975 edition, the aliens' scene was expanded and moved to the anthology's third story. The one-page illustration of Spock making repairs was incorporated into a new story, Coloring Book C1862, second story. The shore leave scenes were omitted; the story began as the Enterprise arrived at Circo.
  • Character introductions
    • In the 1967 edition, the characters were introduced in A Book to Color, first story. Nyota Uhura's name was spelled "Uhara". Leonard McCoy was identified only as the ship's doctor.
    • In the 1975 edition, Uhura's name was spelled correctly. Sulu was not introduced or named, even though he was the first character to speak. McCoy remained unnamed.
  • Use of "Onyx"
    • In the 1967 edition, Onyx XIII was the name of the planet visited by the Enterprise.
    • In the 1975 edition, the observing aliens were from the planet Onyx. The planet visited by the Enterprise was named Circo.
  • Groundcar interior
    • In the 1967 edition, the vehicle looked like a 20th century automobile, with a door and handle visible.
    • In the 1975 edition, the vehicle looked more futuristic, with a single-seat cockpit.
  • Coffee break
    • In the 1967 edition, Sulu and Spock shared coffee after the events of A Book to Color, third story.
    • In the 1975 edition, they took a two-page coffee break after the events of this story.



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