The Enterprise discovers a lifeless Federation research vessel, orbiting a planet hidden behind a mysterious energy shield. Over the strong objections of his senior officers, Captain Picard and an away team beam over in search of the missing crew --
And vanish.
But soon his captain's disappearance is not the only problem facing Commander Riker. For a mysterious disease has begun ravaging the Enterprise crew. Now Riker must unravel the secrets of the planet below in order to rescue Picard -- a prevent the starship's destruction.
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AkhileusAthenaCassandraHektorMenelaosOdysseusAbraham OrbutuPerrapataatPriamWilliam ShakespeareZeus

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USS Enterprise-D



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StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

Science and technologyEdit

energy fieldlong-range sensorsecondstarship

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captaincommanderConscription Mastercouncillordoctorfirst officerrelief officer

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bridgeClass Mdayplanetyear




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