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A Ceremony of Losses is a novel from author David Mack. It is the third of five novels making up the Star Trek: The Fall miniseries, which centers around the Federation and the Typhon Pact. The novel focuses on the Andorian reproductive crisis and features Julian Bashir in a major role.


The third original novel in the electrifying The Next Generation/Deep Space Nine crossover event!
Despite heroic efforts by Thirishar ch'Thane, the Andorian species is headed for extinction. Its slow march toward oblivion has reached a tipping point, one from which there will be no hope of return.
With countless lives at stake, the leaders of Andor, the Federation, and the Typhon Pact all scheme to twist the crisis to their political gain—at any price.
Unwilling to be a mere bystander to tragedy, Doctor Julian Bashir risks everything to find a cure for the Andorians. But his courage will come at a terrible cost: his career, his freedom... and maybe his life.


Thirishar ch'Thane has resigned his Starfleet commission to remain on Andor and assist Professor zh'Thiin with her research into the Meta-Genome. However, the Treishya who lead the coalition government are determined that no cure is found for the Andorian reproductive problem until they can take credit for it and have withheld much of the information the Tholians provided them with. Ultimately, they send the research team into hiding by stirring up a mob to attack their laboratory. Shar smuggles a message to Bashir asking for his help with the research.

Federation pro tem president Ishan Anjar is taking a hardline over the Andorians, to the extent of placing an embargo on Federation trade with them and setting up a Starfleet blockade to prevent Federation ships and supplies entering their space. Bashir assembles a group of genetics experts on Bajor to research the Meta-Genome, which Sarina Douglas has persuaded Section 31 to provide him with. A rogue Starfleet Intelligence operative alerts Ishan, who sends Ro to shut down the project. Having already found and injected himself with the cure, Bashir tells his associates to deny knowing they were working with the Meta-Genome then flees the system with help from Douglas and Tenmei.

The Aventine is instructed to intercept Bashir, who is travelling in a civilian freighter, and does so in orbit of Andor. Bashir requests political asylum but Treishya leader and Andorian Presider Ledanyi ch'Foruta, desperate to stop Bashir and Shar being the ones to save his people, orders the Andorian ships to hand him over to Starfleet without a hearing. The Aventine is damaged by fire from a rogue Andorian ship and, despite taking Bashir into custody, is stuck in orbit.

Shar makes ch'Foruta's actions public, turning feeling against the coalition government and allowing a new coalition led by Kellessar zh'Tarash of the Progressive Caucus to take power. Shar beams aboard the Aventine where Tarses and his girlfriend, Andorian security officer sh'Pash help him and Bashir escape to Andor. The starships Warspite and Falchion are sent as reinforcements by Ishan but the Aventine stops them destroying the pair's ship.

Ishan orders a Starfleet Special Ops team to capture Bashir and stop the cure being developed. However, Ezri leads an away team to the surface which protects the research team from Starfleet until they have broadcast details of the cure to multiple sites where mass production can begin without the Treishya and the Typhon Pact claiming credit. Ezri and Bashir then surrender to Starfleet.

The Andorians apply to rejoin the Federation, with their application being fast-tracked by the Council and with zh'Tarash intending to stand against Ishan in the presidential election. Meanwhile, Akaar is unhappy about Ishan using Starfleet as a political tool and resolves to oppose him.



DS9 & USS Defiant personnel & residents
Julian BashirJefferson BlackmerPascal BoudreauxCenn DescaRhylie CrosswhiteDamroseSarina DouglasLiizskMiles O'BrienQuarkRo LarenNyyl SaygurPrynn Tenmei
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Gregory DesjardinsWheeler Stinson
USS Aventine personnel
Samaritan BowersEzri Dax (Dax) • Gruhn HelkaraTalia KandelLonnoc KedairMikaela LeishmanOliana MirrenNerathyla sh'PashSimon TarsesTharpZisk
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KorlSarjat RamapoorSteven UnverzagtWilik • Zimm
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Shathrissia zh'CheenSolloven zh'FellethHoshIsalth'Noorzh'Phair
Typhon Pact
DezskeneTesitera LevatNaazReztheneJyri SarpanthaTozrene
Other characters
Cort EnarenRellim EryjemEmerson HarrisHonn KeroIshan AnjarSafranskiSatalRujat SuwadiTorvunnamed CaitiansValikGalif jav Velk
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AnubisAkaarAsarem WadeenNanietta BaccoBlessed ExchequerJackMa'atRomTreirUzavehThomas WolfeMin Zife

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USS Aventine (Vesta-class) • USS Defiant (Defiant-class escort) • escape podUSS Falchion (Saber-class) • hovercarSS IbizaIGW IlmarrivenOkemahSS Parham (Caretta-class freighter) • USS Rio Grande (Danube-class) • USS Sarrakesh (patrol cruiser) • shuttlecraftStarfleet OneTanj'k TholisUSS Tiber (Danube-class) • IGW TuonetarUSS Warspite (Sovereign-class)
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dinghyUSS Enterprise-E (Sovereign-class) • Fortune's FoolIKS ghung'HoHUSS GlyrhondkayakLuna-classmaglev trainMogonusprivate transportUSS Sagittarius (Archer-class) • Sheliak commercial freighterUSS TamberlaineTholian battleship


Andor (Hall of Detention; Sakina Commons; SopveQpu' Gishka, Lor'VelaKathela General Hospital, KathelaTlanek Ice Cap) • B'hava'elBajor (Bement Center, Bestri Woods, Rakantha Province) • Bajor systemDeep Space 9 (II) (Frontier-class) • Earth (Palais de la Concorde, ParisStarfleet Headquarters, San Francisco)
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Acamar • Andor (Laikan) • AR-558 • Bajor (Quark's (Aljuli)) • Beta QuadrantBetazedDeep Space 9 • Earth (LouisianaTennessee) • FerenginarGamma HydraGamma QuadrantGhidi PrimeIzar (Kadri SeaKingman RapidsKingman River) • Jaros IIlistening postLunaMarsMempaMurami SectorPacificapenal colonyRolor sectorSalavatTaurus ReachUtopia Planitia Fleet YardsVela ClusterVulcan
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Ferengi Embassy to BajorHubPlazaQuark's (II)Sector GeneralstockadeWell

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Races and cultures

AndorianArgelianBajoranBaldukBenziteBetazoidBolianBreen (Silwaan) • BrikarianCaitianCapellanChalnothDeltanDenobulanEfrosianFerengiHuman (Creole) • IotianKaferianKlingonNaloriNausicaanOrionRigellianRomulanSaurianTakaranTalarianTellariteThallonianTholianTrillZakdorn
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BorgCardassian • Human (Egyptian) • Jem'HadarProphetsShedaiSheliakTeplanTzenkethiYrythny

States and organizations

Alliance PartyAndor ControlAndor News ServiceAndorian EmpireAndorian Imperial CommandAndorian Imperial FleetAndorian Science InstituteBajoran MilitiaBajoran Planetary Operations CenterBreen ConfederacyBreen Intelligence DirectorateFederation CabinetFederation CouncilFederation Security AgencyFerengi AllianceNew Restoration PartyParliament AndoriaProgressive CaucusProtection DetailRomulan Star EmpireSection 31StarfleetStarfleet CommandStarfleet IntelligenceStarfleet Special OpsTal ShiarThird Republic of BajorTholian AssemblyTreishyaTrue Heirs of AndorTyphon PactUnited Federation of PlanetsUnity CaucusVisionist Party
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Borg CollectiveDepartment of External AuditsFederation News ServiceFoundation for Interstellar MedicineInterstellar News ServiceJack PackMaquisPhlox InstituteSeboz HoldingsStarfleet 9th FleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet ArchivesStarfleet Judge Advocate GeneralStarfleet MedicalStarfleet Medical AcademyStarfleet Medical Forensics DivisionStarfleet SecurityTkon EmpireTzenkethi CoalitionVedek Assembly

Ranks and titles

adjutantadjutant commanderadmiralagentambassadorbartenderbodyguardbouncerbureaucratcadetcaptainchairwomanchefchiefchief counselorchief engineerchief mechanicchief medical officerChief of Starfleet Intelligencechief petty officercolonelcommanderCommander-in-Chief of the Federation Starfleetcommanding officercouncillorcounterintelligence agentcriminaldabo girldemagoguedeputy security chiefdeserterdiplomatDirector of the Federation Security Agencydockmasterdoctordrill instructordriverengineering officerensignenvoyFacet for External SecurityFederation Surgeon GeneralFerengi Ambassador to Bajorfield agentFirst Minister of the Republic of Bajorfirst officerfleet admiralflight controllergeneral managergeneral officerGrand NagushandlerImperial Sentineljournalistjunior officerlawyerLeader of the Loyal Oppositionliaisonliaison officerliberalistlieutenantlieutenant commandermajormartyrmedical researchermedical studentmedical technicianmerchant princemidwifemoderateNumber onenurseoperations manageroperations officerphlebotomistphysicianpiratepoliticianPresident of the United Federation of PlanetsPresident Pro-Tempore of the United Federation of PlanetsPresider of the Parliament Andoriaprofessorprosecutorrear admiralreceptionistrepair technicianreporterresearchersalutatorianscience officerscientistsecond officersecurity chiefsecurity officersenior advisersenior counselorsenior counselor for intelligencesenior counselor for justicesenior researcherSpeaker of the ParliamentSpeaker Pro Tempore of the Parliamentspysurgeonsystems managerteerthiefThottraitortransporter chieftransporter operatorvaledictorianvendorwaitresswarriorweapons dealerwhipyeomanzealot

Science and technology

adrenalineairlockallelesallergyamphibiananalgesicanasomazineanestheticannular confinement beamantennaantideuteriumantigen resequencingantigrav coilantigrav palletantioxidantantisepticarchitectureartificial gravityatmosphere (mesosphere) • autoimmuneautopilotbacteriabatterybioengineered seedbiometric scramblerblack holebladderbloodbombbraincarbon-based lifeformcaninecardiac surgerycarotid arterycellcellular senescencecentrifugechromosomechronometercloaking devicecombadgecomm terminalcommand circuitcommunication networkcommunicationscommunicatorcomputercomputer corecomputer terminalcontrol paneldata carddata networkdata tabletdata-transfer nodedeflector dishdeflector shielddentistrydermal regeneratordetonatordiseasedisinfectantDNAdouble visiondrugduraniumeggelectrolyteelectron microscopeembryoemergency beaconencryption keyenergizer coilenvironmental suitepidemiologyerror-correction genefacial recognitionfeedback pulsefelinefertilization cellfireflight data recorderforcefieldfreight elevatorfrequencygameteganglionic fibergenegene therapyGenesis Devicegenetic engineeringgenetic resequencinggenomegenomic therapygenotypegravitygravity compensatorgrenadeholo-displayholodeckhologramholographic projectorholographic scopeholosuitehyposprayimmune systemimpulse drivein-ear transceiverinertial damperinfectioninsectintelligenceintruder-detection gridionized particleisolinear chipjamming signalKalla-Nohra Syndromekeycardlife spanlife supportlungmagnetic boltmagnetic clampmagnetic-coil projectile weaponmainframemammalmatter reclamation binmedical tricordermedicinememory engrammicrophonemiscarriagemolecular fusemolecular sequencermorphologyneurobiologyneurochemistrynight visionobstetricsoilODN cableoperating lightophthalmologyorganorthopedicsovapaddpan-immunity vaccineparliamentarianpathogenpediatricspersonal commpharmacologicalpharmaceuticalphaserphaser cannonphaser riflephysiognomyplacentaplanetary transporter networkplasmaplasma relayplasma relay capacitorpolymerPottrik Syndromepouchpregnancyprivacy controlpulsequantum replication patternquantum slipstream driveQuickeningrecessive genereplicatorretrovirusroutersaline mistscannersciencescrambling fieldself-contained waste recyclingsensor buoysensor modulesentryShedai meta-genomeshield emittershowerskin cellsniper riflesoft explosivestellar cartographystructural integritysubspacesubspace antennasubspace communicationssurveillance arraysurveillance camerasurveillance systemsynaptic tissuesyndromesynthetic proteintachyon networktactical gridtear gastelomereTeplan blighttimertissuetitaniumtorpedotractor beamtractor beam emittertransfusiontransparasteeltransplanttransponder circuittransport inhibitortransportertransporter archtransporter scramblertricorderTrojan horse applicationturboliftType-I phaserType-II phaserurineventilatorvid-visorviewscreenvirusvocoderwarp coilwarp corewarp drivewarp factorwarp field geometrywarp nacellewarp pylon

Other references

13852369238123822385 Special Federation Presidential Election23rd centuryAldebaran whiskeyalleyAlpha OneampouleAndor runAndorian gendersAndorian fertility crisisAndoriiassassinationbarbasic trainingbathrobeBattle of Acamarbazaarbedbeerbellbeltbikinibirdblack marketblackmailblockadeboarding partybootBorg Invasion of 2381Breen suitbrigbuffetbulkheadcalliopecamouflagecampfirecandlecanteencanyoncargo holdCarrington Awardcatacombscenturycloakclothclothingclub sodacobblestonecobraCommand divisionconcourseconspiracy theorycorrectional facilitycounterespionagecoup d'étatcourtcourt martialcourtyardcreamcreditcredit chipcryptcyberwarfaredabodaisdartsdehydrated fruitdeitydesertdesertiondessertdiamond bladeDominion Wardue processduffelduty shiftEgyptian mythologyembargoemergency protocol setteshEngineering divisionenvelopeespionageespressoethicsethnic groupevasive maneuverexecutive orderextraditionfactionFederation CharterFederation lawfertilizerfishflight licenseflowerfoodstuffforensic teamgaghgangplankgardengavelgenocideglassGoridian knotgowngraythgraingree wormhasperathatchhealth and safety inspectionhammerHippocratic oathholding cellhomeworkhookahhospitalice fishingIDinformation warfareinterrogationintruder alertjailJalanda Midnight alekajianokatanakathekakayakingkegkitchenkligatKytherian soft-shelled crablab coatlaboratorylatinumlawlawnleaflegislationLevel Three advisorylibrarylinen shirtThe Liturgy of the Temple of UzavehloungemarlinmedalmediaMedical divisionmedical licensemedical satchelmedical supplymobmountainmugmusicmutinynapkinnarcoticnational securitynewsobsidianOccupation of BajorOperation Bright StormOperation VanguardorangeovercoatPacifican sunrise cocktailpajamaspantrypaperPersonal log, Julian Bashirpillowplasticpolice statepolitical asylumpoliticspollsPriority Onepromotionpropagandaprotestprotocolpublic access filePursuit Pattern Indigoquorum callracismraktajinoready roomred alertredactreligionreportresignationrestaurantriotrodentrokeg blood piesabotagesalt watersanctionsandalschoolsconcescrubsseashellsecessionSecurity divisionSetteshsexualitysheishell companyshelthrethshuttlebaySiege of AR-558skyscrapersocial justicesodaSolarian sunrisesolitary confinementStarfleet Code of Military Justicestereotypestonestrike teamstudiosubpoenasuitesunglassesswim trunksTagorasteatennistezhatheithermocreteTholian silkthreat assessment analysistlhIngan Holtoweltravel credentialtreasontreetube grubtwigvotewaterwetsuitwhite-water raftingwineXenexian dwarf grassxenophobiayellow alertzh'yizhavey



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