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An original novel set in the universe of Star Trek: Enterprise!
A new nation has arisen from the ashes of the Romulan War: the United Federation of Planets, an unprecedented union of diverse species cooperating for the good of all. Admiral Jonathan Archer—the former captain of the Earth starship Enterprise, whose efforts made this union possible—envisions a vibrant Federation promoting galactic peace and a multispecies Starfleet dedicated to exploring strange new worlds. Archer's former crewmates, including Captain T'Pol of the U.S.S. Endeavour and Captain Malcolm Reed of the U.S.S. Pioneer, work with him to secure that bright future. Yet others within the Federation see its purpose as chiefly military, a united defense against a dangerous galaxy, while some of its neighbors view that military might with suspicion and fear. And getting the member nations, their space fleets, and even their technologies to work together as a unified whole is an ongoing challenge.
When a new threat emerges from a force so alien and hostile that negotiation seems impossible, a group of unaligned worlds asks Starfleet to come to its defense, and the Federation's leaders seize the opportunity to build their reputation as an interstellar power. But Archer fears the conflict is building toward an unnecessary war, potentially taking the young nation down a path it was never meant to follow. Archer and his allies strive to find a better solution… but old foes are working secretly to sabotage their efforts and ensure that the great experiment called the Federation comes to a quick and bloody end.


Admiral Archer is contacted by the Tandarans, who blame the abduction of several of their children on Suliban refugees given safe haven by the Federation. On his flagship the USS Endeavour, now commanded by Captain T'Pol, Archer is able to expose the abductors as the Malurians, hoping to drive a rift between the Federation and Tandarans, and rescue the prisoners.

The mastermind is Archer's old enemy Garos, who begins working with the Orion group led by Navaar. The Orions are hoping to undermine the Federation and see an opportunity when the Mute aliens that Archer previously encountered begin stepping up their attacks on ships. They hope to use the situation to make the Federation more militaristic. Garos joins a conference set up to combat the threat and, despite opposition from Archer and T'Pol who favour a less aggressive move, a combined fleet of Federation and non-aligned worlds is despatched to confront the aliens and locate their homeworld. Phlox also finds evidence that transporter usage has left Archer and Reed with genetic damage and transporters are suspended for lifeforms except in emergencies.

Meanwhile, Reed is given command of the new USS Pioneer and invites Mayweather aboard as his first officer. A group of engineers led by Tobin Dax come aboard to supervise the integration of various Federation systems but accidentally create a micro-wormhole that traps the ship in a decaying orbit of a gas giant. The ship's science officer, Reynaldo Sangupta, eventually saves the day by communicating with cloud whales living in the atmosphere, who hold the ship aloft until it can be repaired. Reed invites Dax to be his chief engineer.

Garos stirs up hatred against the Mutes by framing them for the destruction of an Andorian-controlled Starfleet vessel. However, when some Mutes are captured, T'Pol and Sato realise that their means of communicating by infrared empathy means they can't recognize other lifeforms as sentient and have been treating them as wild animals to be analysed. Meanwhile, Archer reluctantly works with Tucker, despite no longer trusting Section 31, to expose Garos and the Orions' involvement.

T'Pol and Sato return the Mute prisoners to their fellows, with T'Pol having mind-melded with them to convince them of other lifeforms' sentience. After a long process of negotiation, they are able to convince the aliens, Vertians, to modify their behaviour towards other species and bring the conflict to a peaceful end.

However, while this has been going on Soval and the crew of the USS Essex have been negotiating with the Saurians, a race Starfleet accidentally revealed the existence of other worlds to, for their mineral rights. They find that most of the world has formed into a Global League but the hereditary ruler of the most mineral-rich region, Maltuvis, presents himself as independent. He attempts to get Captain Shumar to provide him with weapons to take over the world but is forced to accept a peaceful treatment. However, he then signs a treaty with Navaar and Garos to provide him with the weapons, with the Orions knowing the Federation will be blamed for his conquests.



USS Endeavour personnel

CurryElizabeth CutlerTakashi KimuraSascha MoneyPedro OrtegaPhloxAranthanien ch'RevashMichel RomaineHoshi SatoT'PolTeska

USS Pioneer personnel

Bodor chim GrevEdiz KemalSamuel Abraham KirkTherese LiaoTravis MayweatherAdeola OsunwokeHenry PolanskiMalcolm ReedReynaldo SanguptaAlan SheehanRegina TallaricoAlex TatopolousValeria Williams

USS Essex personnel

Miguel AvilaSteven MullenCaroline ParisBryce Shumar

USS Thejal personnel

Trenkanshent sh'LavanVeni ch'Refelzh'Vansh

Starfleet and Section 31 personnel

Jonathan ArcherMov chim FlarSamuel GardnerNisverin th'MenchalThy'lek ShranAlexis OsmanT'ViriCharles Tucker IIIMarcus Williams
Referenced only
Maxwell ForrestErika HernandezW. M. JefferiesEric StillwellWarren Woods


Referenced only
Lecheb sh'MakeshTalasAnlenthoris ch'Vhendreni


Althea KnowltonThomas Vanderbilt
Referenced only
Henry ArcherJulius CaesarCaligulaClaudiusZefram CochraneEmory EricksonBenjamin FranklinSven "Buttercup" HansenHusseinLi MeilenH. P. LovecraftMagginMarcus AureliusEdvard MunchOctaviaStuart ReedNathan SamuelsWilliam ShakespeareNasrin SloaneTiberius


Dular GarosMonar


Referenced only






Referenced only

Other characters

Tobin DaxEdzakBoda JahletGaret KadlinMin glasch NoarOrav PenapPorthos
Referenced only
Lela DaxJamran HarnothNaargPhindaT'Luadh

Starships and vehicles

administrative bargeUSS Endeavour (Columbia-class) • Enterprise (NX-class) • USS Essex (Daedalus-class) • Grentrainspection podMetsanu (light cruiser) • USS Pioneer (Intrepid-class) • Rigelian scout shipRivgorshuttleshuttlepodUSS Thejal (Sevaijen-class) • USS Vinakthen (Kumari-class)
Referenced only
ECS Bjarni Herjolfsson •'Bonaventure-class (schematic) • Columbia (NX-class) • Discovery (NX-class) • IGS Docanaescape podECS HorizonHrumogECS Ibn BattutaSS IntrepidIGS KumariNoyritECS Silk RoadStarfleet OnesubmarineSuliban carrier shipSuliban cell shiptelepresence drone shipUSS Vol'Rala (Kumari-class) • Wasp-class (schematic)


Deneva (Lacon City) • drydockEarth (Federation Executive Building, Paris, EuropeStarfleet Headquarters, San Francisco, California) • Gamma Vertis IVHansen's PlanetKappa Fornacis systemOrion (Pi-3 Orionis III) • Psi Serpentis (Psi Serpentis APsi Serpentis B) • Qhembembem OutpostRaij'hl/Tau-3 EridaniRigel V (Rigel V Orbital Spacedock) • San Francisco Fleet YardsSauria/Lyaksti'kton/N'Ragolar (M'TezirM'Tezir OneTai'sheku) • Unnamed planetsVega IX (Vega Museum of Antiquities, Vega colony) • Vega systemWolf 46-III
Referenced only
10 Tauri IV (Kemsar Colony) • Akaali homeworldAlpha CentauriAlpha Centauri IIIAlrondAndoria (Dreshna) • Arken IIAxanarCarina boarder regionCetus boarder regionCheronDelphic ExpanseDelta TriangleDeneb Kaitos system (Deneb V) • Denobula • Earth (AsiaGreat BritainIndiaIowaMiddle EastRomeSanibel Beach, Sanibel Island, Florida) • FesoanMaluria (Malur) • MarsOrion constellationP'JemRigelRigel X (Quintash Plaza) • Tandar PrimeTandar sectorTellarTerra NovaTrillVerti constellationVulcanZeta Fornacis

Starship locations

bridgecaptain's messengineeringlaunch baymess hallsickbay

Races and cultures

AndorianAxanarcloud whaleDenobulanHomo HansoniiHuman (AmericanBritishCentaurianDenevanEnglishEuropeanJapanese) • ItheniteKlimaszMalurianNuvianOrionRigelian (Jelna) • RisianSaurianTandaranTellariteTesnianTrill (Trill symbiont) • Vertian/"Mute" • VulcanWolf 46-III nativeXarantine
Referenced only
AenarAkaaliAntaranArkeniteArkonianBoslicDenebianGosis' species • Human (FrenchRoman) • Humpback whaleHur'qKantareKlingonLorillianMazariteNaloriNausicaanOsaarianRomulanSulibanTholianValakianVeganXindiXyrillian

States and organizations

Alpha Centauri ConcordiumAlpha Centauri Space Research CouncilAndorian Imperial GuardCochrane Institute of Alpha CentauriConfederacy of VulcanEuropean AllianceFederation CommissionFederation CouncilFederation StarfleetGlobal LeagueOrion SyndicateRaldulSection 31Smithsonian Orbital AnnexStarfleet CommandTellar Space AdministrationThree SistersUESPAUnited EarthUnited Federation of PlanetsVulcan Space Council
Referenced only
Andorian EmpireAnti-revisionistCoalition of Planetscolonization boardEarth Cargo ServiceExecutive Council of the Saurian Global LeagueGuard AcademyInterspecies Medical ExchangeKlingon Defense ForceKlingon EmpireKlingon High CouncilLyaksti EmpireMaurya EmpireMilitary Assault Command OrganizationMinistry of SecurityRomulan Star EmpireStarfleet AcademyStarfleet EngineeringStarfleet IntelligenceStarfleet MedicalSuliban CabalSyrranniteTerra PrimeUnited Earth StarfleetUnited Planets of TellarUnited States of AmericaVulcan High CommandVulcan Science Directorate

Ranks and titles

admiralaideambassadorarchaeology and anthropology officerarmory officerasteroid minerBasileusbutterfly dancercaptainCentaurian Defense Ministerchefchief of communicationschief engineerchief medical officerchief of staffcommandercommander-in-chiefcommissionercommissioner for science and technologycommodorecommunications officercouncillorcrewmandiplomatdoctorEarth Defense Ministerengineerensignentomologistemperorexecutive officerFederation Commissioner of DefenseFederation Commissioner of Foreign Affairsfirst officerFleet commandergeneralgovernorhelm officerhistorianinsect tamerinstructorjudgelegislatorlieutenantlieutenant commanderlinguistmajorMars Defense Ministermaskwrightmedicmerchantmerchant princessministernaturalistnavigatororderlyphysicianpilotpimppoliticianPresident of the United Federation of PlanetsPresiderPrime Minister of United Earthprizefighterprotocol officerquartermasterused-car salesmanscience officerscientistsecurity advisorsenior officershock troopsociologistsoldierspytactical officerUnited Earth Secretary of Defenseweapons officerxenobiologistyeoman

Science and classification

airlockantennaanthropoidarrenhe'hwiuaasteroidatmosphereatmosphere processoratmosphere suitautopilotbaleen filterbinary starbio-signaturebiologybioluminescencebiospherebloodbonebrainbreathing maskBussard collectorcameracancercarboncarbon dioxidecellcentimeterCochrane-style warp fieldcomacommunications beaconcommunicatorcomputercooling fincraterdata tabletdatabasedecontamination chamberdeflectordeflector shieldDenebian feverdermal camouflagedilithiumdistress beaconDNAdrugdwarf planetEinstein-Rosen bridgeEM bandEM fieldemitter arrayenergyengineeringenvironmental suitevolutionfingernailforce fieldfusion initiatorG class stargametegenegenetic engineeringgeometryGlobal warminggrapplergravimetric distortiongravimetric gradientgraviton beamgravitygravity platinggunpowderhairheliumhibernationhologramholorecorderhumanoidhydrogenhypercapniaice giantimaging chamberimpulse engineinertial damperinfraredintercomintermix formulainterstellar mediuminvertebrateion stormion trailISMjamming signalK class starkilometerlacertilianlamplanternlensinglight-yearlinguisticsmagnetic compassmagnetic fieldmagnetic pulsemammalmathematicsmedicinemethanemicrobemicro-warp drivemineminingMinshara classmonitormoonNapoleon Complexnavigational deflectorneurologyneuronnight-vision eye-piecenocturnalitynuclear winterorbitoxygenparasiteparticleparticle beamparticle riflepharmaceutical drugphase cannonphase pistolpheromonephotonic torpedophotosynthesisphysicsplanetplanetoidplasmaplasma cannonpolarized hull platingprobequantum mechanicsradiationRCS quadred dwarfreptilianrepulsorRorschach testscannersensorshield equationshield generatorsiren callsolar radiationspace-time geometryspatial anomalyspatial distortionstarsubspacesubspace density gradientsubspace field coilsubspace geodesicsubspace geometrysubspace transceiversuper-Jovian planettelepathyterraformTheory of General Relativitythrustertime dilationtime traveltractor beamtractor beam generatortransportertransporter padtrellium-Dtritaniumturboliftveridiumvertebrateviewscreenvirtual display visorVulcan ring drivewarp bubblewarp coilwarp drivewarp equationwarp factorwarp fieldwarp-field detection gridwarp nacellewarp reactorwarp trailwaste reclamatorwormholewormhole equationXindi vortexXyrillian simulator

Other references

adoptionAndorian aleAndorian gendersAndorian redbatAndoriiapeartAugment crisisavocadoballbambooBattle of Cheronblack marketblackmailboarding partyBob and Carol and Ted and Alicebribebronzecatchirini roastchutney-grilled chickencivil warcoffeecolonycommerceconcertcopsecourt-martialcrystalcultural contaminationcultural tabooDeclaration of IndependencedemocracydemonDeneva Conferencedrill lubricantdiplomacydistress calldogEarth-Romulan Wareau de vieelfelite lineageeonf'sherr-beetleFederation protectoratefirefirewaspFirst Battle of Denevafirst contactFrench braidGaval nek borgikkithgogglesgorillagrain puddinggrapeguerrilla campaignguinea pigHail Maryhammerhelmethistoryhlad roothourice borericed teaIDICinsectinternment campKir'Sharakissklaxonknifelanding partyleopardlionlogicMalurian meadMandarin collarmarsupialmassagemeditationMer palakmetalmind meldministerial conferenceminutemonarchymonthmothballmountain goatmoviemovie nightmuralmushroommusicofficer training programpacifismpaperparasolphilosophypigpineapplepiracyplantplasticpokerpolitical asylumpolitical partyporcineprejudicepretzelprimary hullPrime Ministers' Conferencerain forestrefugeeroberocksaladSaurian brandySaurian musicscalpelThe ScreamsculptureseashellSecond Battle of Denevasecondary hullsecondsecurityserpentservice patchsexualitysharksign languagesilkslaverysmugglingsnailspace boomerspaceportspearStarfleet CharterFederation Starfleet ranks (2160s)Tandaran languagetattooTellarite Civil ConversationTemporal Cold WarThird Battle of DenevatintorturetreevasevegetableVertian crisiswaterwinterWorld War IIIxenophobiaXindi crisiszhihalzoo


19th century
21st century
25 September 2162 to 21 May 2163
Events of novel.
28th century




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