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ADangerousTrade cover

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A Dangerous Trade is a Star Trek: Prodigy book, the first young reader novel in a new series from Simon Spotlight (Simon & Schuster). Written by Cassandra Rose Clarke, this book was released on 17 January 2023.


While traveling through the Delta Quadrant, the Protostar crew discovers a worn transporter coil on their ship. Despite Janeway's misgivings, the crew decides to trade a Starfleet-issued battery for new transporter parts at a market on a distant planet.
Little do they know that a group of rogue traders are intent on getting their hands on something much bigger: the Protostar! Will the crew be able to defend their ship and stay out of trouble? Star Trek fans will love this brand-new, original story featuring all the heart, humor, and action of the Prodigy series.



ChadossaGwyndalaIomaKathryn Janeway (hologram)MurfJankom PogDal R'ElRok-TahkT'agrossTeylessZero
Referenced only

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Protostar


OdaruOrgora Market
Referenced only
ArpCrab NebulaEndan BazaarTars Lamora

Races and cultures[]

AugmentBajoranBrikarianCaitianFerengihologramKlingonMedusanMellanoid slime wormOrionTellariteVau N'Akat
Referenced only

Science and classification[]


Technology and weapons[]

batteryphase coilpulse riflereplicatortransporter coil

Other references[]





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Publication history[]
German language: Ein Gefährlicher Handel, translated by Helga Parmiter. (Cross Cult)