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A Matter of Priorities was an RPG module consisting of reference work details and a scenario narration for the FASA RPG series.


As newly-promoted commander of the refitted IKV Malevolent patrolling near the infamous Triangle Zone, opportunities for quick advancement and promotion would arrive as a matter of course. Although the crew has different opinions about the current power struggle in the politics and policies of the Klingon Empire, they all work well together.
Then came the order from Fleet Command to perform a security inspection on the secret intelligence base on Valtor III located in the Klingon/Romulan disputed area. Captain's discretion allowed.
Captain's discretion: the chance to live or die by one's own actions. No one said that success in the Klingon Empire was easy.


A Klingon crew must decide how to deal with unrest at a secret military outpost they are assigned to inspect.



Player characters

Kursak vestai-NessarcKantis vestai ZinlassKreen vestai HinoriKess tai MentoriMilith tai ArdakaKnovi tai SimpallaKrimm tai ReshtarcKurlass tai Mirrin

Non-player characters

D'VannaMeneti sutai KommoraKletarc sutai KlinlorKintax sutai UvarekSarnisKadarsh tai-PallaraKallasa vestai-QuarnKallin tai-VolloxKaluxa tai DevariKametta tai KallatarKardon tai KlinlorrKarkor tai SemparriKasar vestai SurnKdam vestai GuraKedara tai HelvariKethor vestai DevariKexer tai RovashiKimicar vestai HoronKimparri tai IlonoriKinhar tai AbarshaKintax sutai UvarekKletarc sutai KlinlorKlith tai KharsackKolass vestai RixenKolex tai DecaraKorick tai RashteshKrail tai ZantirKralla vestai KreshKrath vestai ZantirKrenth vestai KaratKrett vestai NestarKrev tai EmaraKrimm tai RenjarKrox tai RovashiKsar vestai SarnKsorra vestai LustraMaktar tai KommoraMarg vestai ZanisMarak tai KharsackMarkor tai LinarackMarl tai GashtorMastak tai GrendleMaxtar tai TrimoriMellack vestai RenjarMentork vestai AraxaMergor tai GashtorMjark TrothirMlath ValaxarMinsan ReshtarcMorrex EradaMuzark vestai OdalluKlina tai KlinlorMulak EradaKronigMontorcKarnon vestai Trisra

Starships and vehicles

IKV Slasher (destroyer) • IKV Malevolent (D7-class cruiser)


Planets and planetoids

Valtor III
Referenced only
Rigel VII

Stars and star systems


Stellar regions

Triangle sector

Races and cultures


States and organizations

Klingon EmpireRomulan Star Empire

Klingon lines


Other references

Orion blood feverTriburnias wine



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