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"A Night In" was the first digital exclusive short story published in Star Trek: Explorer. This Deep Space Nine story was written by Una McCormack, illustrated by Louie De Martinis, edited by Jonathan Wilkins, and published on 10 November 2021.


Garak meets a mystery man while in the Brig.



Elim GarakOdoQChayo Trusiunnamed Deep Space 9 personnel
Referenced only
Julian BashirFemale ChangelingRomEnabran TainWorfTora Ziyal

Starships and vehicles



Cardassia Prime (East Torr) • Deep Space 9 (brig)

Races and cultures

CardassianChangelingFerengiNausicaanQ (species)
Referenced only

States and organizations

Cardassian Central CommandFederationStarfleet Intelligence

Science and classification

biomimetic geldata roddermal regeneratorforce fieldPADDreplicator

Ranks and titles

commanderconstablesecurity officerspytailor

Other references

bedbutterclothingcoffeedabodayexilefuelgelastgenocidehotelhourithiankotralogicminutemonthnano-secondperfumeraktajinosecuritysleepstationsugarsuntimetime linetoastuniversewar


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