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Log Entries

  • Captain's log, stardate 8513.7
    Mr. Scott, with his accustomed efficiency, has dismantled the force field preventing our access to the primitive ship.
  • Captain's log, supplemental
    To the amazement of many, not the least which is myself...
    ... A survey to verify the lifelessness of Claneia One has instead brought about the discovery of remarkably legendary space explorers.
    Beings who were rumored to predate Earth's serious forays into space by several centuries, and indeed, are known throughout the Federation as the Worthy.
  • Science officer's log
    If these beings are indeed the Worthy-- and if even a fraction of what was learned of them in the Academy is based on fact-- they could provide am invaluable source of scientific perspective.
  • Personal log
    I can not recall the last time I felt this enthusiastic about a find. As a Starfleet officer, I must conduct myself with proper decorum and detachment at all times. And yet... inside there is an excited cadet, filled with glee over the prospect of meeting long admired heroes. Heroes such as as Enaaj and the others.
  • Engineer's log
    It would be fair to say that I've built myself something of a legendary reputation in my field. But Gim-- the pilot of the Worthy-- he was reputed to be the greatest technological genius of all time. Give him two nails and a rubber band, he could construct a warp engine.
    It'll be interesting to see if his reputation in line with his abilities.
  • Personal log
    If the preliminary reports are correct, I may actually meet some of the women whose legends bolstered me during my early days in space What a glorious thought. I hope they like me.
  • Medical log
    My initial impression was correct,and the subject displays a sturdy constitution that is aiding tremendously in his recovery.



ArritBarnesR.J. BlaiseCatalanoPavel ChekovEnaajEyleenGimJames T. KirkLeonard McCoyMontgomery ScottSpockKarl TomlinsonNyota Uhura
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ApolloTommy Kimbrough

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise-A (Constitution-class heavy cruiser)


ClaneiaClaneia IKarimea

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FederationStarfleetThe Worthy

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force fieldLamver unitmedical tricorderphaserrobotsickbaysuspended animationtransporter


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