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From the back cover: Still reeling from the disastrous events that have rocked all of Starfleet and tarnished the career of one of the Federation's most decorated captains, Picard and his crew must now endure the unthinkable: scandal, ostracism, and an uncertain future. But despite all that has occurred, none aboard the Enterprise have forgotten their duty as Starfleet officers....

Assigned to assist the imperiled Dokaalan -- a small colony of refugees who maintain a precarious existence in a rapidly disintegrating asteroid mining complex -- the Enterprise crew must somehow aid this alien race in terraforming a nearby planet so that it might someday provide a new home for their kind. But violent acts of sabotage soon turn a humanitarian crisis into a deadly confrontation. To save the Dokaalan from extinction, Picard must uncover the presence of an old adversary -- and prevent a disaster of catastrophic proportions!




AlidaKoll AzernalAndrea BrandBarmiolBasoreBeeliqCarlsonCrejjBeverly CrusherDaeniqDanilovDataDiixEMHFaeyahrForstGeliuHenderson (Enterprise E)HjatynHrasJeloqKalshaGeordi La ForgeLaRockLeisnerLirynSusan LomaxLorakinMansinghJarek MaxsonMhuicMyjerolAlynna NechayevNentafaNidanAlyssa OgawaOiersoOnaecPaulsKell PerimJean-Luc PicardWilliam T. RikerWilliam RossMontgomery ScottSevek (Ensign)TaurikDeanna TroiTroppAndrea TylerChristine ValeVeldonZahanzeiMin Zife
Referenced only 
James T. KirkKieran MacDuffRobert PicardQBenjamin SiskoWilliam ShakespeareNoonien Soong

Starships and vehicles[]

Captain's yachtBallardChawlaJefferiesKeukaUSS Enterprise-DUSS Enterprise-EUSS JunoUSS Musgraveskiff


Alpha QuadrantBajoran sectorDokaalDokaal SectorDokallian SystemIjuukaKlingon EmpireLunaMining Station TwelvePhylosRomulan Star EmpireSan Francisco BayStarfleet Headquarters
Referenced only 
Blue HorizonCestus IIIDaled IVDeep Space 9Gamma QuadrantIdran systemNew HalanaRisaVenus

Races and cultures[]


States and organizations[]

Borg CollectiveCardassian UnionComputer divisionDominionFederation CouncilJudge Advocate GeneralKlingon EmpireSatarran ConfederationSatarran Military CommandStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet Command SchoolStarfleet Corps of EngineersStarfleet IntelligenceTal ShiarTerraform CommandUnited Federation of PlanetsZahanzei Council

Science and technology[]

Alpha Oneantigrav work sledantimatter containment systemantimatter podargonbrigcargo baychronometercombadgecomputercotdeflector shielddiagnostic beddiburniumdisruptor pistoldisruptor rifleenvironmental suitescape podforcefieldholodeckhololabhyposprayimpulse engineinertial dampenerisolation suitJefferies tubeslanding baymagnetic lockmedical tricordermimicking shroudneural netnitrogenocular implantoxygenPADDphase pistolphaserphaser riflephylocitepositronic relayquantum torpedoreplicatorrodiniumsensorshroud garmentshuttle baysickbaytractor beamtransportertri-ox compoundtricordertripolymerwarp core

Other references[]

Aldebaran sea bassasteroidbreakfastCanopus plagueChateau Picardchicken sandwichColumbian beancoffeeDominion WardehydrationEarl Greyfreight haulerFrench onion soupfruitGenesis ProjectGolden Gate BridgeHenry Vhot chocolatejournaljumpsuitKolvoord Starburstlettuce and tomato sandwichmaintenance logmesosphereOde to SpotoxygenpolioPrime Directiveraktajinorobesleep deprivationspyStarfleet General Orders and Regulationssuus mahnavegetable soupwaterwinewormhole



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