One hundred years ago, the recurring conflicts between the Bader and the Dorset ended mysteriously when both races colonized the distant planet Delta Sigma IV -- a world located far from the destructive wars of their people -- and quickly became the Federation's perfect example of interspecies cooperation. But there are now rumblings of trouble in paradise, as an investigation led by Kyle Riker -- Commander William Riker's estranged father -- into this harmonious society has discovered a shocking, immutable truth: over the next few generations, the reaction to a native gas will spell the extinction of Delta Sigma IV's inhabitants.

Captain Picard and his crew, still recovering from the tragic events that have tarnished the career of one of the Federation's most decorated captains, must come to the aid of a world that once knew only peace, but now faces emerging violence and chaos... and Commander Riker must confront the reality that his own father may be held responsible for Delta Sigma IV's almost certain downfall!



AikenAlmonteAn Haslam AnCaldwellCaledon of OsedahGeorge CarmonaChkaradCholan of HuniChum Wasdin ChumClemonsCol Hust ColCol Mander ColCol Meryn ColCrainBeverly CrusherDataDeMatoDexDorina of AnannEl Bison ElEl Rodak ElYerbi FandauThomas GracinGrigsbyAnh HoangIraid of AnannIsthitJama of OsedahKathryn JanewayJordanJus Renks JusGeordi La ForgeLockeLulh Shunks LulhDasan MalakMale'finkattaMan Dolog ManVasha MassaroMokarad of HuniMoqColton MorrowNassef of TirnannorotAlynna NechayevOlivarezOsani of TregorJim PeartKell PerimJean-Luc PicardWilliam T. RikerSeer of AnannSeoSmada of TregorStekAaron StuddardTaurikDeanna TroiTroppUnoo of HuniUptonChristine ValeVan ZandtWal Cander WalSusan WeinsteinWhisLateef Williams
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AnijBuck BokaiBoothbyLeah BrahmsChen'farthWesley CrusherMatthew DoughertyFox Denks FoxJohn GillBenny GoodmanGuinanKawasakiKahlessKresla of AnannSusan LomaxNafirNybakkenMiles O'BrienOwen ParisTom ParisKatherine PulaskiKyle RikerThomas RikerBabe RuthSolokNoonien SoongSurakT'BonzLwaxana TroiWorfTasha Yar

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USS Enterprise (Sovereign-class)
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USS AriesUSS BonaventureEnterpriseUSS EnterpriseUSS ExcaliburUSS NautilusUSS PegasusUSS PegasusUSS T'KumbraUSS Voyager


Delta Sigma IV (AnannHuniKeslikOsedahTestaniTirnannorotTregor)
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Briar PatchCyreDeep Space 9Delta QuadrantDokaalEarth (AlaskaSan Francisco) • Epsilon Canaris IIIRigel IIStarbase 214Starbase 312Starbase 312TellarTrillVeridian III

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StarfleetStarfleet CommandStarfleet Cultural AffairsStarfleet MedicalUnited Federation of Planets

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anbo-jytsubaseballbreakfastbridgebriefing roomBurning Hearts of Qo'noScacheenchambliss coilcoffeecommand chaircoolardamdilithiumDominion WarEarl GreyemeraldEmergency Medical HologramfireflyerImzadiknappknifelaser scalpellife spanliscommurderneural stimulatorpaddphaserquarantinequartermasterreplicatorScotchsickbaysorkiSpican flame gemstellar cartographyTalerian fizzteaTen-Forwardtricorderturboliftwesternyellow alertyeomanyoga




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