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More than two centuries ago, the Dokaalan sent an unmanned probe into the void, bearing a distress call for anyone who could save their doomed world. But the message reached Federation space too late to save the planet or its people. Or so it was believed....
Generations later, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-E are stunned to discover the last of the Dokaalan -- now only a colony fighting to stay alive in a decrepit asteroid mining complex. Although their home planet was destroyed long ago, the survivors hope to someday transform a nearby planet into a new home for their people. But bitter divisions exist among the Dokaalan, sowing the seeds of sabotage and terrorism -- and placing Picard and the Enterprise in the middle of an escalating crisis that can only lead to total destruction!

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The discovery of a centuries old Dokaalan probe, containing a message relating to the imminent destruction of their homeworld, reminds the Federation of a similar probe recovered by the Vulcans two hundred years previous. At the time, it was decided that since the disaster occurred decades previous no further action should be taken. Now, Starfleet dispatches the Enterprise to discover the Dokaalans' fate, an assignment many of the crew see as a means of getting them out of the way following the Ontailian incident.

Arriving at the asteroid field near the former location of Dokaal, the Enterprise picks up a distress call from a mining colony that is experiencing a reactor failure. Evacuation efforts begin but the reactor blows before La Forge and Taurik predicted, causing the deaths of twenty-five miners and two Enterprise crewmembers. Furthermore, their analysis suggests sabotage.

The Dokaalans have survived in mining colonies on the asteroids and now in a central complex created by attaching several asteroids together. Their ultimate aim is to "terraform" Ijuuka, one of the other planets in the system. Their council prove reluctant to accept Federation help, however, and two of the council members who support the offer are apparently eliminated by security minister Nidan.

Crusher discovers evidence that the Dokaalans have become dependent on the ambient radiation in the asteroid belt while a stranger, Kalsha, infiltrates the Enterprise using a camouflage net that lets him assume another's identity and disables Data. La Forge and Taurik travel to Ijuuka where they discover that someone has been tampering with the terraforming process to deviate from the original parameters; soon after, they and their Dookalan guide Faeyahr are attacked by Nidan's men. While being pursued in the asteroid field, La Forge and Taurik attempted to initiate a Kolvoord Starburst maneuver to escape.

The Enterprise receives a report that a disaster has occurred at another mining outpost and there is clear indication of sabotage. With the rest of the senior staff either off ship or inactive, Riker takes the Enterprise to try and offer assistance.

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Enterprise[edit | edit source]

Beverly CrusherDataDiixEMHGeordi La ForgeGrahamHinesLeisnerJarek MaxsonMcPhersonMelorrAlyssa OgawaOsborne (24th century)Jim PeartKell PerimJean-Luc PicardWilliam T. RikerTaurikT'BonzZelev th'ChunDeanna TroiTroppTyler (Lieutenant)Christine ValeVeldon

Dokaalan[edit | edit source]

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2151[edit | edit source]

Maxwell ForrestSerelSovalT'LihTarenVanik

Others[edit | edit source]

KalshaWorfGiancarlo Wu
Referenced only 
Henry ArcherJonathan ArcherReginald BarclayZefram CochraneWesley CrusherJadzia DaxYerbi FandauGlinn (24th century)Sonya GomezGowronSherlock HolmesKahless, son of KahlessK'EhleyrK'RatakLocutusKurt MandlMartokAlynna NechayevOdanA.G. RobinsonAlexander RozhenkoPascal SaadyaGideon SeyetikNoonien SoongSun Tzuzh'Costeth

Starships and vehicles[edit | edit source]

Enterprise (NX-01)Ti'MurSovereign-classSurak-classBallard (shuttlecraft)USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)
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IKS Ya'VangPhoenixPromellian battle cruiserSS ArtemisUSS Crazy Horse (NCC-50446)USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)USS Hood (NCC-42296)USS Ilan RamonUSS Juno (Excelsior class)USS VoyagerNX classShuttlepod

Locations[edit | edit source]

Alpha QuadrantDeep Space 9DokaalDokaal SectorDokallian SystemEarthFirst CityIjuukaJeluryn SectorMining Station TwelveOutpost TakirQo'noSSan FranciscoWyjaed
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Arvada IIIBeta Trianguli IIIBorethDelta Vega IDelos IVDelta QuadrantFarpoint StationJanus VIJupiterLunaMarsOmicron ThetaP'JemRashanar Battle SiteRomulan Neutral ZonetaDTau Cygna VVelara IIIVenus

Races and cultures[edit | edit source]

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States and organizations[edit | edit source]

Borg CollectiveFederation CouncilJudge Advocate GeneralKlingon EmpireOrion SyndicatePeople of DokaaStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet Corps of EngineersStarfleet MedicalTerraform CommandTrill Symbiosis CommissionUnited Federation of PlanetsVulcan High CommandVulcan Science AcademyVulcan Science DirectorateVulcan Space ServiceZahanzei Council

Science and technology[edit | edit source]

airlockantigrav gurneyantigrav work sledatmospheric processorbio-implantbiosensorcombadgedeflector shield generatordermalinedeuteriumdiagnostic beddisruptor pistoldocking portemotion chipencephalopathyenvironmental suitheliumholodeckhyposprayimpulse enginemagnetic interlockmedkitmedical tricordermimicking shroudwarp nacellenavigational buoynuclear weaponoutpostPADDphase pistolphaserplasmaportable dermal regeneratorpower couplingrodiniumskiffstarbaseshuttlecraftshuttlepodstellar cartographystun batontractor beamtransporterTrill symbionttritiumvitaminworkbee

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21st century24th centuryasteroidbaseballbenzocyatizinebondocaribouClass MconciergeDokaaDominion WarEarl GreyEgiunFederation standardflyGenesis WaveGolden Gate Bridgegranitehyperonic radiationI, RobotImzadiIverson's DiseasejumpsuitK-1 class starkilometerKolvoord StarburstlatinumMalkus ArtifactsMelorazineMind meldMonographoath of celibacypaintingparrises squaresplomeek soupProject GenesisProject PathfinderraktajinoRisian perfumesaltSan Francisco BaysofaStarfleet Survival GuideSto-vo-korSurgeon GeneralTenara CliffsterakineThe Art of WarThe Collected Works of William ShakespeareThe Dream of the Firetransparasteeltri-ox compoundviolinWarp 5 projectwaterwusherxenophobiazero-g

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