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This is the legend of "The Land Purchase" as presented in 2376 to a reporter from the Federation. In this epic, the fearless Benjamin Sisko tromps about Kendra Province, inviting death at poisoned wells and leading the lost back to the path of the Prophets. The man he buys the land from does not know who he is. The price is set at fifty thousand litas. Vedek Oram negotiates the price down to thirty-five thousand litas for twelve hecapates. When the deal is finnished, the seller learns that Benjamin Sisko is the Emissary of the Prophets. He explains that long ago he lost his faith and swore never to return to the Prophets unless the Emissary himself gave him thousands of litas.

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GenebOpakaOramBenjamin Sisko

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BajorBajoran wormholeCelestial TempleDeep Space 9DinaajThe EmissaryKendra ProvinceMennekaren Mountain RangeRakantha ProvinceYolja RiverYolja River Valley

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Bajoran Provisional Government DominionUnited Federation of Planets

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2369binjana ropeEmissary of the ProphetsforaigaGratitude FestivalHa'marahasperathecapateikassa barkkaikinjunkurna fruitlitamekkenda twistnipujan bushnoy'lib leafOccupation of Bajororbprayer madallaspiced klemmenspiced teatimpok treetuwalytuwaly pievedeky'rtana root


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