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Log entries Edit

  • Mission log, stardate 8688.8: Kirk recording 
    Thanks to Dr. McCoy's handiwork, Captain Sulu, engineers Scott and Lukas and I have had no trouble passing as Nilaran merchants here on Zantak Prime.
    We have made initial contact with Klingon settlers who were abruptly withdrawn by the Empire from their planned colony. We're starting to gather the information Starfleet need about rumored Klingon problems in this sector.
    And thanks to Lanamish, the informal "mayor" of Zantak City, we know that spontaneous violence is a way of lif on this lawless frontier world.


Characters Edit

Regulars Edit

James T. KirkLeonard McCoyHikaru SuluMontgomery Scott

Others Edit

Martin LukasLanamishKlegOrana Della MonicaNarfaritaj NolliPateRahakBroz

Starships and vehiclesEdit


Zantak CityRahak's Supply and Salvage

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