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The Aaamazzarites were a humanoid civilization native to the planet Aaamazzara, a homeworld located in the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant.

History and specifics[]

They were also referred to as Therbians. The Aaamazzarites have an insect-like ability to weave silk-like material from their mouths for use as clothing. In the 23rd century the Aaamazzarites were members of the Federation. (TOS reference: The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture; ST reference: Star Charts)

Apparently Therbians can be allergic to fur. According to Kevin Riley, speaking from experience, one should "never" want to seat a Therbian next to a Kazarite at a state dinner, not unless one wanted the Therbian hacking and coughing before the entrée is even served. (TOS novel: Foul Deeds Will Rise)

It is unclear if all members of the species have this trait or if only certain individuals have it. However, Riley seems to be implying that they all have it based upon his wording.

Therbian liquor was distilled from the saliva of elderly Therbian monks on Aaamazzara. (DS9 eBook: Lust's Latinum Lost (and Found))

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