Aaron Jurai

Captain Aaron Jurai was a notable human Starfleet commanding officer in command of the USS Leyte Gulf. Jurai was considered one of Starfleet’s greats, with an equal status to the likes Jean-Luc Picard or Rixx.

In 2377, Jurai and his crew fell victim to the Warden nanite virus and adjusted course to deliver the Leyte Gulf into the hands of Warden infected Romulans on Chetzia III. For reasons unknown the Leyte Gulf ended up adrift in the Omical Sector where she was discovered by the USS Incursion. An away team from the Incursion shuttled over to investigate, fearing they might uncover there plans, still under Warden control, Jurai closed the Leyte Gulf's plasma vents intending to cause a warp core breach. Meanwhile, the away team discovered a Klingon scientist they had been pursuing in the starships brig, Jurai promptly beamed in and killed the Klingon, a Vulcan in the team performed a mind meld on the captain and discovered his plot to destroy the Leyte Gulf which was promptly prevented.

Jurai's eventual fate is unknown, however it was likely he was cured of the Warden infection along with the rest of the galaxy and continued to serve as the Leyte Gulf's captain. (ST video game: Away Team)

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