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Overview of Abaddon's Repository

Abaddon's Repository of Lost Treasures was a business establishment in the Delta Quadrant owned by Abaddon and based on a space station. (VOY episode: "Alice")


In 2376, he offered 62 derelict starships and several hundred parts of ships for trade, along with more eclectic items. Several of the ships contained active weapon systems, for dealing with irate customers. The USS Voyager encountered Abaddon's Repository in 2376, at first mistaking the ships for a hostile fleet. The crew obtained a number of items from the Repository, many of which turned out to be useless. One was a small ship that Tom Paris christened "Alice", which was equipped with a neurogenic interface. It turned out that Alice was in fact sentient, having taken control of Paris. Voyager returned to the Depository, where, in exchange for a precious beryllium crystal he had mistakenly traded Neelix, Abaddon informed the crew that he acquired the ship from a Haakonian, who claimed it was "haunted". Alice had controlled him as well, compelling him to find a worthy pilot for her. (VOY episode: "Alice")

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