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Abaris is a planet in the Ceti system, 20 light-days from Starbase 11. The former homeworld of Abaris natives, it was destroyed in the year 2273.

Its tropical climate resembled that of Kitui Province in the African Confederacy.


5,000 years ago, Abaris natives built an enormous stone pyramid illuminated by bioluminescent mushrooms, with long halls of relief sculptures on the walls depicting a history of various mushroom species. The halls ended at a stone carving of a Federation starship, presaging the end of the planet's history. Whether the pyramid was built partially or entirely underground, eventually only the tip of the pyramid remained visible on the surface.

Circa 2270, Federation archaeologists Paul Hoff and Elsa Hoff erected a small scientific station on the surface to study the lost civilization of the natives. They built a prefabricated dome over the tip of the pyramid, which had an entrance leading downward to the hall. Eventually they discovered descendants of the lost culture and learned how to communicate with them.

In 2273, the USS Enterprise retrieved the two archaeologists and 2,000 Abaris natives. From a distance of 400,000 kilometers, they watched as a rogue planetoid collided with and destroyed Abaris. (TOS comic: "Aberration on Abaris")


Fungal lifeforms[]




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