The Abaris pirate was an unnamed Human woman, a pirate seen on Abaris in the 23rd century.

She wore a thick, pumpkin-shaped mask and cape to conceal her identity, employing earpieces within the mask to aid in surveillance. She was armed with a phaser rifle and a backup sidearm. She preferred to avoid tangling with Starfleet officers, but was willing to risk it for high profits.


In 2273, she visited Abaris looking for artifacts to steal. She followed a landing party from the USS Enterprise into a dark, buried pyramid. Spock thought he heard footsteps, but dismissed them as noises from a nearby wallaby or other small animal. She waited until she overheard archaeologist Paul Hoff describe an invaluable Rosetta Stone-like tile to James T. Kirk. She then confronted the group at gunpoint, demanding the stone. Hoff, afflicted by psychoactive drugs from long-term exposure to Abaris natives, became enraged and jumped her. Her rifle discharged into the ceiling, causing a cave-in. She managed to leap away from the collapsing stone on the other side of the hall from the others.

She launched from the planet in a small spacecraft shortly before Abaris collided with a rogue planetoid and was destroyed. She was disappointed at losing the stone, but satisfied that her identity remained secret. She vowed to be successful the next time she ran into Kirk. (TOS comic: "Aberration on Abaris")




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