Abigail Wilson was a physician and the commanding officer of the SS Salutaris.


When she was in med school, Wilson was friends with fellow classmate Leonard McCoy. There she played "doctor" with McCoy though not on each other. Wilson then entered into Starfleet as a medical officer.(TOS - Tests of Courage comic: "Battle Stations!")

Starfleet CareerEdit

In 2282, Wilson was the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Lexington. However, after the Lexington repelled Cuthkuran pirates at the Federation colony at Gamma Rhejia, Wilson defied orders, took one of the ship's shuttles down to the surface to search for injured Cuthkurans that crash landed, and saved them from vengeful colonists. Wilson's actions put the Lexington at risk and forced them to delay pursuing the fleeing pirates. She was charged with insubordination and was forced to retire from Starfleet. (TOS - Tests of Courage comic: "Battle Stations!")

SS SalutarisEdit

Following her retirement from starfleet, Wilson was then given command of the hospital ship, SS Salutaris. In 2288, Wilson and the Salutaris then went to Epsilon Kitaj to treat the population that was suffering from tainted air and water from a gas attack from the Maroan Dominion.

Following the attack, she then met up with the USS Enterprise-A under Capt. James T. Kirk. Onboard she met with Dr. McCoy. She then made her point in telling capt. Kirk that she would treat anyone and that her ship and crew were neutral. She then informed of the gas attack. Capt. Kirk then agreed to allow Wilson to treat and help the colonists. Wilson was then joined by Dr. McCoy's medical team on board the Salutaris. When the planet became occupied by a Maroan task force under Commander Vodrin., Wilson and her ship were allowed to do their jobs. She, along with Dr. McCoy then met with Vodrin to discuss the reason why she and team were not allowed into the valley where the gas was very toxic. Wilson, McCoy, and their medics were then held as prisoners. However she was allowed to continue treating the colonists. After a bombing, Wilson then went in and treated the wounded which included Vodrin despite Paylok's demands. Wilson and McCoy were then threatened by Paylok's resistance force to stop treating the wounded Maroans. Wilson continued to help the colonists after she, McCoy and her ship were rescued. Despite being called a war criminal, Wilson stayed behind to help the colonists.(TOS - Tests of Courage comics: "Battle Stations!", "Prisoners of War?", "Consequences!", "Collision Course")

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