Star chart showing Acamar.

Acamar (also known as Theta Eridani) is a star system composed of two class A stars that appear as one when viewed from Earth, 120 or so light-years away. (ST website:

In 2275, the USS Enterprise was en-route to the Acamar system, before the starship was ambushed by eight Klingon battle cruisers. (TOS novel: The Wounded Sky)

In 2366, the USS Enterprise-D entered the system to track down the Gatherers, a group of Acamarians that had attacked several Federation outposts. (TNG episode: "The Vengeance Factor")

When Commander Tuvok of the USS Titan investigated the Borg attacks of 2381, he noticed that they had all occurred on the border between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, stretching between the Acamar and Ramatis systems. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night) lists Acamar as being "50-60 light-years from Sol." The Last Unicorn RPG module: Planets of the UFP indicates that the Acamar system has only one star.

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In ST video game: Starfleet Command III gameplay, the system name of Acamar was part of a list that were applied to systems on the game map, with random attributes assigned to them.


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