The Accord of Namazz, or the Namazz Accord, was a proposal drafted by the leaders of the twelve largest nations of Orion slaves on the planet Botchok in 9143 BCE (reference stardate −111/43).

The Orions calculated that, due to the lack of resources and attention put into the reconstruction of Botchok by their masters, within another thousand years the planet's ecology would collapse entirely, as it had never fully recovered from the devastation of the Atom War and the Long Winter and the continuing warfare. During negotiations held at a brief truce during Botchok's ongoing proxy wars, a delegation of Orions informed their masters of their predictions. The collapse would mean the end of Botchok and the extinction of the Orion slaves, but the masters were too busy warring to go to the effort. So the Orions suggested that they be allowed to carry out the reconstruction themselves, using their own labor, their own resources, and their own technology, and outlined a detailed plan for the project.

The plan was later submitted to the 59th Rigel Conference and approved. Though a minor point to the master races, it was of great significance in Orion history: it marked the first time that the Orions had been accorded any sort of independent public responsibility or authority over their own people, all in an effort to save their homeworld. It was a key occurrence in the lead-up to their eventual freedom.

With the Orion efforts, the reconstruction of Botchok was finally concluded in 7730 BCE (stardate −97/30). It was not a quality effort, however, and adjustments were continually necessary. (FASA RPG - The Orions module: Book of Common Knowledge)

The contingent that made the proposal was composed of Ruddy and Grey Orions, though after later alterations to Orion history during the Dispossession, the Greys would be removed, leaving only the Grey Dufen Maads to be referred to as a Ruddy. (FASA RPG - The Orions module: Book of Deep Knowledge)

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