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Achernar Prime (Romulan language: Atlai'fehill Stelai) was a planet located in the space of the galaxy's Beta Quadrant, in orbit of the Achernar star system. In the late 24th century, Achernar Prime became the capital planet of the Imperial Romulan State. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

History and specifics

Until December of 2379, it was a planet in the Romulan Star Empire and amongst the Star Empire's chief farming worlds; a fleet loyal to Donatra took control of the planet that year, and from there Donatra declared the Imperial Romulan State's existence. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

In 2381, Donatra declared herself Empress of the Imperial Romulan State, with Achernar Prime as the capital of the IRS. (STO novel: The Needs of the Many)

Federation Professor Sonek Pran was ferried to Achernar Prime by the USS Aventine to meet the empress. Pran convinced Donatra that giving food to the starving population of the Romulan Star Empire would be in her own interests. Donatra agreed but the food shipments were rebuffed. This was one of the clues that led to the discovery of the Typhon Pact, an interstellar alliance that the Romulan Star Empire had joined under Praetor Tal'aura. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

Soon after, Benjamin Sisko commanded the Federation starship USS Robinson on a mission to Achernar Prime and met with Donatra. Donatra was concerned for the collapse of the IRS. Donatra felt Achernar Prime was beautiful but she longed for her home in Vela'Setora on Romulus.

Empress Donatra invited Praetor Tal'aura to a summit on Achernar Prime. Donatra accepted Tal'aura's counteroffer to meet on Romulus instead. She was taken into custody upon arrival for the assassination attempt on Ambassador Spock, leader of the Unification movement. There was no word of reaction from Achernar Prime. Tal'aura mentioned Achernar Prime and Xanitla in a subsequent public announcement. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Rough Beasts of Empire)

Following the reunification of the IRS with the Romulan Star Empire and the selection of a new Praetor in the 2380s, Achernar Prime and the other farming worlds were folded back into the empire. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Rough Beasts of Empire, STO novel: The Needs of the Many)

In the Rough Beats of Empire novel, the empire reunited in 2381; in The Needs of the Many it was 2385.

Following the destruction of Romulus in the Hobus supernova in late 2387, Achernar Prime, Abraxas V and Rator III are among the Romulan colony worlds declaring themselves the new capital of the Star Empire in 2388.

In 2389, the leaders of the colony worlds arranged a meeting to establish a new government but failed to agree where to hold the conference.

Following her victory against the Klingon Empire in the Zeta Pictoris, Achernar Prime and Rator III, leading other colony worlds, acknowledged Admiral Taris as the new leader of the Romulan Star Empire.

Praetor Taris ordered the construction of a new capital on Rator III. (STO novel: The Needs of the Many)

Geography and landmarks

The imperial palace was a centuries or millennia old fortress built into a cliff overlooking the sea. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Rough Beasts of Empire)



Achernar Prime was home to a type of pterosaur. By the 2380s, the species had nearly been hunted to extinction, although small numbers of them still existed far from Romulan habitation. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Rough Beasts of Empire)



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On the website The Path to 2409, the name is spelled Archenar Prime. The spelling is corrected to Achernar Prime in the STO novel: The Needs of the Many "The Path to 2409" appendix.

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