An acid is a type of chemical compound. Strong acids can react violently, with a corrosive effect on metals or lifeform tissue.

A primitive but effective weapon system used acid against the Tarn on Torgu-Va. The descendants of Starfleet personnel stranded on the planet engineered special ducts into their tunnel dwellings so that enemy intruders, in this case, the Tarn, would be killed by corrosive injuries as acid flooded special underground areas. A telling aspect of the strain the conflict was that the acid releases were connected by ducts accessible only to children—if the area was attacked, they would be the last line of defense of their homes. (TNG novel: The Forgotten War)

The Horta have glands which produce acid which allow them to burrow through rock. When a Horta is confused or scared they sometimes lose control of their acid glands and squirt their acid around them, which can cause extensive damage to anything it happens to come into contact with. (TOS episode: "The Devil in the Dark"; DS9 novel: Devil in the Sky)

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