The Acolytes of the Stars settlement on Pollux V's surface

The Acolytes of the Stars were a sect that existed in the 23rd century. Their beliefs were deist and inspired by old Earth religions. They adopted a rural mid-21st century lifestyle.

The group believed in a divine duty that was given to them from their God. They believed that all of existence was created by their deity — Humans, aliens and demons were all created by Him.

Missionaries regularly assisted nearby Federation worlds during times of need. Around 2249, they were found helping plague victims on New Ontario VI.

Major settlements included Nikolasi (Pollux V), Germainia (Maddux II) and Kentigern (Haven's World)

In the 2260s, the settlers of Nikolasi had mining activities and mined for hafnium and a variety of useful trace elements near Mount Idyll. The leader of the sect was High Prelate Robert Angiven.

The settlers were attacked by creatures that resembled Earth demons which prompted Starfleet to dispatch the USS Enterprise to aid the settlers. (TOS video game: 25th Anniversary)

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