Adam Crowe was a human Starfleet officer in the 23rd century, the commanding officer of the USS Achilles.

Crowe was acquainted with Christopher Pike, the two men greeted each other on a first-name basis, even during battle.

One of Captain Crowe's battle tactics was to fill two shuttlecraft with photon torpedoes then explosively decompress the shuttlebay which would fire the shuttles out at high velocity. Once in close proximity to enemy vessels, he'd have his ship fire phasers at the shuttles causing them to explode and destroy or damage the attacking ships.

In 2254, Captain Crowe and the Achilles were assigned to Pike's task force patrolling the Diomed Cluster. After picking up a distress call from Theta Kalyb, the task force traveled to the colony to investigate, but were attacked by a Chakuun war fleet. Following the destruction of the USS Brazzaville, Crowe implemented his explosive-shuttlecraft tactic destroying at least two Chakuun ghostships and several smaller Chakuun fighters. Unfortunately, two more ghostships flanked the Achilles and destroyed it. (EV comic: "The Fallen")


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