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The Adamant class was a Tellarite starship type, a fighter class in Federation Starfleet and Tellar Space Administration service from the 2410s decade. Vessels of this class were auxiliary craft launched from the Pralim-class flight-deck assault cruiser, but were also available to any other Federation carrier classes. (STO - Season 13.5 mission: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock", ARC website: The Allied Flight-Deck Cruiser Bundle)

History and specifications[]

Fighters of the class were produced alongside their Pralim-class mothership but also sold separately by ship requisition officers at Earth Spacedock, Starbase 39-Sierra, Deep Space Station K-7, and Deep Space 9 for 4,150 energy credits.

By default, these fighters were equipped with a phaser beam array and a quantum torpedo launcher. Both weapon emplacements were forward-facing. The ship's special ability was reflective hull I. Advanced fighters were equipped with an additional aft-facing phaser beam array, and reflective hull II. The elite counterpart improved on that with reflective hull III. By default, this hull ability granted 20% resistance to energy damage, and reflected 20% of incoming energy weapon damage. It would last until the equivalent of 5,000 energy damage had been suffered.

When launched from a Federation carrier, three level-61 Adamant fighters could be launched simultaneously, for a total of six fighters per hangar. It took forty seconds to launch a wing of fighters. Adamant fighters had a range of 15,000 kilometers from their mothership.

Visually, the Adamant fighter resembled their Pralim mothership but appeared miniaturized. Their hull color was green. (STO - Season 13.5 mission: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock", ARC website: The Allied Flight-Deck Cruiser Bundle)

Service history[]

The Adamant class was developed by the Tellarites for the Alpha Quadrant Alliance in 2410. Each of the three pre-eminent AQA states received an Allied flight-deck assault cruiser, with associated fighters, from one of their members. Conversely, the Suliban contributed Veil-class fighters to the Romulan Republic, and the Orions equipped their Blackguard-class carrier with Cutpurse-class fighters. (STO mission: "First City")

Known vessels[]

  • USS Adamant



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