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Gor, wearing a thot's uniform in 2375.

The Breen adaptation suit was a type of clothing, a combination of environmental suit, personal armor and uniform worn by personnel of the Breen Confederacy and Breen Militia. (DS9 episode: "Indiscretion", STO website: Q's Winter Wonderland 2019!)

History and specificationsEdit

The adaptation suit covered its wearer entirely. Its purpose was to allow disparate species to coexist in various environments, particularly with regards to different temperatures; and to uphold the Breen Confederacy's strict meritocracy by rendering the wearer a near-anonymous cipher. The suit included a vocoder, which rendered language into an electronic garble. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Zero Sum Game)

In the 2370s decade, the Breen suit consisted of a metallic helmet with a green-shining visor, a greyish brown top with matching trousers, made of layered fabrics; and boots. The helmets of 2375 had additional bulges compared to 2372. (DS9 episodes: "Indiscretion", "Strange Bedfellows")

The suit was designed to be worn by any Breen Confederacy species, and rendering their origin unreadable by the garment. Thus, the helmet designs mandated by the Confederacy included a snout to accommodate Fenrisal biology. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Zero Sum Game)


Confederacy uniforms did not carry rank insignia by themselves. However, uniform details like shoulder pads could indicate status. (DS9 episodes: "Indiscretion", "Strange Bedfellows") By 2409, rank and position was indicated by helmet shape, visor color, and physical size. (STO - "Fek'Ihri Return" mission: "Destiny")

Use by other speciesEdit

Wearing an adaptation suit allowed members of other species to disguise themselves as Breen. This tactic was used by the Bajoran Kira Nerys to infiltrate a Breen mining camp in 2372. (DS9 episode: "Indiscretion")

In 2410, the Breen adaptation suit was introduced as a customizable costume for Alpha Quadrant Alliance officers. It was available for purchase in the W.W. 2019 Winter Wonderland, and from the Lobi Store on Drozana Station. (STO website: Q's Winter Wonderland 2019!)




A h'ren to the left of a thot.

The adaptation suits worn in the 2370s carried over into the early 25th century as the uniform worn by h'rens and h'ren sentries. H'ren were the lowest rank among Confederacy soldiers, equivalent to ensigns. Their helmet included the Fenrisal snout and had a flat, circular plate at the top. The visor shone bright green. (STO - "Fek'Ihri Return" mission: "Destiny")


A variant of the h'ren uniform was worn by combat medic H'ren Tran. His helmet included the cranial bulge first seen with the 2375 style of the uniform. The armor was accented with bulky shoulder pads, and a chest gear belt. Tran's visor was green. (STO - "Cold War" mission: "Cold Comfort")

When commissioned as bridge officer in-game, the Breen tactical officer wears Tran's outfit. It cannot be modified.

H'ren bio-engineerEdit

H'ren medic

H'ren bio-engineer.

The bio-engineer and medic specialists of h'ren rank wore a white uniform, which linked shoulderpads, and the helmet with cranial bulge. Their visor shone light blue. (STO - "Fek'Ihri Return" mission: "Destiny")


Ak'ched soldiers and ak'ched guards wore the same uniform. Their helmet included a tall, semicircular crest, and a double-barreled snout. Machinery for heavy weapons was attached to the right arm. The suit's color was dark brown, and the visor shone greenish-blue. The rank of ak'ched was equivalent to a lieutenant. (STO - "Fek'Ihri Return" mission: "Destiny")

Vel'sh scientistEdit

The vel'sh was the Breen equivalent to a commander, and an alternative to a chot. The science officer specialisation wore black or white suits with a purple visor. A vel'sh helmet was bulkier than that of lower ranks. Vel'sh usually stood taller than h'rens. (STO - "Fek'Ihri Return" mission: "Destiny")

Vel'sh tacticianEdit

The tactical officer's uniform was black, and the visor white. (STO - "Fek'Ihri Return" mission: "Destiny")



Thot (on the right).

Thots in the 2370s were the first Breen whose helmet were seen with a cranial bulge. (DS9 episode: "Strange Bedfellows") Breen thots of the 2400s decade and after ranged in size from a humanoid's above average to humongous. Their snout included heavy machinery, indicating a specialised breathing apparatus. Large mechanical backpacks were worn with the environmental suit. (STO - "Fek'Ihri Return" mission: "Destiny")

Q's Winter WonderlandEdit

Breen adaptation suit

Personalised adaptation suits.

In the Winter Wonderland, a pocket dimension under control of q, non-hostile Breen participated in some of the entertaining events held for Alpha Quadrant Alliance officers. The Pie Contest Breen and race officials wore modified uniforms compared to their usual ranks. (STO missions: "Season 7: New Romulus", "Pie Eating Contest", "Fastest Game On Ice").

In Wonderland year 2019, the Breen adaptation suit was sold as a costume to visitors, and was also offered for sale by the Lobi Crystal Consortium in the Lobi Store on Drozana Station. The pieces of the Breen adaptation suit could be mixed with other outfits. Their color range allowed for further customisation, including helmet and visor colors.(STO website: Q's Winter Wonderland 2019!)

Breen in q's Winter Wonderland:

Clothing partsEdit


An officer could wear one Breen helmet at a time, covering a humanoid's entire head. In the 25th century, the four varieties of helmets were designated Breen 1-4. Up to four different colors could be applied to the helmet. The lit visor had its own color range, A1 through A11, than the metal parts.

Helmet types
Visor colors
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