The Adepts of Seleya were a group that were within the Vulcan civilization.

This body existed was noted as being an ancient organization from their races pre-logical past and were led by a High Priestess who lived at the temple in Mount Seleya where she was attended to by a cadre of unmarried females called the Unbonded. The Adepts were known to had been devoted to the healing arts and tended to the injuries of wounded Vulcans. It was said that these same talents allowed them to know the precise moves required to kill an opponent. They were also known to had been associated with the Adepts of Gol.

Before the Vulcan Reformation, the philosopher Surak was known to had visited the Adepts of Seleya where he asked for their assistance in help the Vulcan Space Initiative to send a number of their kind to the stars in order to preserve their ways. The High Priestess, however, refused and stated that they were bound to the Mother World and were part of it.

She stated that they would rather die than leave Vulcan but also declared that they would have no part in the hostilities that threatened to erupt between the various violent factions of the time. She also gifted Surak a Coronet that was developed by the Te-Vikram Brotherhood which she along with the Adepts of Gol felt were an abomination created by sorcery. Thus, she gave the coronet to Surak in order to remove it from her presence. (TOS novel: Exiles)

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