The Adepts of T'Pel were an ancient guild of Vulcan assassins that formed on Vulcan during the time of Surak. They were created by T'Pel.

The Adepts of T'Pel did not believe in the peaceful message of Total Logic spread by Surak during the time of the Sundering and instead believed in T'Pel's preachings of Analogic. Their brutal ways caused great levels of bloodshed on Vulcan and resulted in generations remembering the carnage the group inflicted through mind melds.

The Adepts abandoned Vulcan and journeyed with the early Rihannsu to the Romii system, where they settled on ch'Havran's East Continent. They retained the ancient Vulcan ways and traditions despite their brethren abandoning such views. The one thing they would not inherit from their abandoned brethren Vulcans was the pacifistic emotionless logical perceptions adopted by the followers of Surak.

Considering that this was written before Remus was established in canon as a nearly uninhabitable world, it may be that they instead settled on Romulus.

The Adepts were dangerous individuals who faced such extensive training that made them, in effect, living weapons capable of extraordinary levels of damage. They were easily capable of passing off as Vulcans and showed emotions which they reveled in the amount of carnage they were capable of inflicting on others. They were essentially assassins that gave their skills to the highest bidder; they did this both for the money as well as to glorify their ancient founder, T'Pel. (TOS novel: Memory Prime)

In 2373, during the Virogen Crisis, the Adepts were one of the many terrorist elements on Vulcan that were mentioned by Srell. (TOS novel: Avenger)

Adepts of T'PelEdit

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