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"Their work has been nothing short of stellar. They're, really something."
Paul Stamets, 3189[src]

Adira Tal, born Adira on Earth in 3173, was a 32nd century Human individual who, in their teen years, became joined to the Trill symbiont named Tal after an asteroid collision claimed the life of Tal's previous host, Gray Tal, who was Adira's close companion. Until the collision, Adira and Gray had lived aboard a generation ship. (DSC episodes: "People of Earth", "Forget Me Not")


Adira made their way back to Earth and, at the age of 16, became an inspector for United Earth, without it being generally known that they hosted an alien symbiont, which was a very unusual situation for a non-Trill. (DSC episode: "People of Earth")

Inspector Tal joined the crew of the time-displaced 23rd century Starfleet ship USS Discovery. Tal held, buried, the memories of the late Admiral Senna Tal, and contained the coordinates for the new Federation Headquarters. To unlock those memories, the Discovery brought Adira to Trill. Leader Pav rejected the symbiont-carrying Human at first but was convinced this was an opportunity for the Trill people, who had suffered terribly in the Burn and left the Federation. Adira recovered their memories with the help of Commander Michael Burnham and, in a mindscape communion, was accepted by the previous Tal hosts. (DSC episode: "Forget Me Not")

The coordinates provided by Senna's memory allowed Captain Saru to contact Starfleet, and the Discovery arrived at Federation Headquarters. (DSC episode: "Die Trying")

After joining the crew of Discovery, Adira told Paul Stamets that they preferred non-binary pronouns. (DSC episode: "The Sanctuary")

To bring anti-radiation medicine to Saru and Doctor Hugh Culber on Theta Zeta, Tal borrowed Jett Reno's tricom badge and transported to the planet via Cleveland Booker's ship. (DSC episode: "There Is A Tide...")

Inside the holographic environment within the wrecked KSF Khi'eth, Adira manifested with a Xahean appearance, and Gray appeared Vulcan. To everyone's surprise, Saru and Culber were able to see and interact with Gray. After arranging the rescue of the stranded Kelpien Su'Kal, Culber promised Gray they would find a way to return him to corporeality.

After the rescue and time to recuperate, the Discovery crew adopted the Starfleet uniform of the current era, and Adira received a commission as ensign in the sciences division. Ensign Tal was present on the bridge when newly-minted Captain Burnham arrived with orders for a supply mission in the gradually reforming Federation. (DSC episode: "That Hope Is You, Part 2")

Alternate timelines

In an alternate timeline beset by the temporal anomaly crisis, Adira was pulled into the late 24th century. Around the year 2380, different timelines were interwoven, and Adira joined Starfleet to help Q resolve the temporal anomaly crisis. Adira's skills qualified them as saboteur. They were also skilled in the fields of command, diplomacy and engineering. Among the equipment EDF Adira brought to bear in missions were their personal inspection equipment, a submicron scanner, a phase coil resonator, a three-dimensional chess set, and more. (ST video game: Timelines January 2021 event: "Convergence Day")

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