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"I don't know how much of the Federation still exists. I simply do my part to keep it alive."
Aditya Sahil, 3188[src]

Aditya Sahil was a Federation citizen, a Human living in the 32nd century. His father and grandfather had been commissioned Starfleet officers, and Sahil continued their work aboard an unnamed Federation relay station. (DSC episode: "That Hope Is You, Part 1")


Sahil's relay station in 3188.

He followed the family tradition of manning a United Federation of Planets relay station after The Burn awaiting signals from what remained of the Federation. He started the position in 3148. In 3188, Cleveland Booker and Michael Burnham met him. Burnham, being one of the sole remnants of the Federation, officially commissioned Sahil into Federation Starfleet as acting communications chief. Commander Burnham tasked Sahil to keep searching for her ship, the USS Discovery. (DSC episode: "That Hope Is You, Part 1")

In that year, Sahil and Commander Burnham reviewed his station's records and graphics of the Burn that destroyed any ship with an active warp core in the late 31st century. (DSC episode: "People of Earth")

Like Cleveland Booker, who had brought her to Sahil's relay, Burnham began working as courier in order to search for her ship and uncover the cause of the Burn. In 3189, she found the Discovery at the Colony. (DSC episode: "Far From Home")

Burnham brought Captain Saru up to speed on her time in the 32nd century, working with Sahil and digging for clues about the Burn. (DSC episode: "People of Earth")

Lieutenant junior grade Sahil at HQ.

Rejoined with her crew, Discovery used its spore drive to locate and visit Federation Headquarters, now a space station hidden inside a distortion field. (DSC episode: "Die Trying")

Following the restoration of subspace communications and the resolution of any lingering threat from the Burn in 3189, Starfleet granted Sahil a commission as operations officer, with the rank of lieutenant junior grade. Sahil was pleased with this development. After a conversation with Fleet Admiral Charles Vance, Lieutenant Sahil ran into Commander Burnham and they shared a moment before Sahil returned to his duties. Burnham stayed with Vance, and was promoted to captain. (DSC episode: "That Hope Is You, Part 2")

Alternate timeline[]

Officer Sahil.

In an alternate timeline beset by the temporal anomaly crisis, Sahil was pulled into the late 24th century. Around the year 2380, different timelines were interwoven, and Sahil joined Starfleet to help Q resolve the temporal anomaly crisis. Sahil's skills qualified him as a communications officer and ambassador. Among the equipment he brought to bear in missions were his bird-shaped holographic alarm clock, a parametric scanner, a detronal scanner, and his family heirloom flag. (ST video game: Timelines December 2020 event: "Tick Tock")

Another version of Sahil, wearing his Starfleet 3189 uniform, also joined Q's efforts. (ST video game: Timelines December 2021 event)


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