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The Admiral's log on the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) was the method used by the commanding officer holding the rank of admiral to record the course of events and circumstances that the starship and crew encountered.

Log entrants[]



  • Admiral's log, stardate 7489.6. 
    It's been a long time since I've seen this Vulcan ship, T'Uerell's ship. I had considered retiring this coming year to finally let go of this duty and obligation. But now, with her return, this is something I just can't let go. After the destruction of the Klingon weapon at our first encounter, she disappeared without a trace. No matter how hard we tried to track her down, T'Uerell simply seemed to have vanished into the void. But now she has returned, and shown up at a classified Federation research installation no less. After I was informed we'd lost contact with one of our stations, I made certain inquiries. I can't get a firm answer from Starfleet Command on the research Dr. Kettaract is conducting at this facility, but if T'Uerell is interested in what he's doing, it can't be good. My task force waits just outside the Lantaru sector, but T'Uerell seems to have anticipated our arrival. The platforms designed to protect the Federation defense post appear to now be under her control. There's no telling what else she has within the defensive perimeter, nor what awaits us at the Kettaract research station deeper in the sector. But I'm intent on finding out. Our initial scans indicate an energy signature near the front of the defense grid, generating enormous power. Until we know what we are up against, I've ordered the fleet to hold position while I go in, for a closer look.
  • Admiral's log, stardate 7492.1. 
    We've arrived at the outskirts of the system where the Kettaract research station is located. Not sure what to expect after encountering T'Uerell's alterations to our outer defense post, my instincts tell me to be cautious. Our most recent intelligence places T'Uerell at the research station itself. Finally, to have her within our reach. With all the havoc she has brought upon the Federation, one can only imagine what happened to her Vulcan senses. Starfleet Command is most insistent that Doctor Kettaract and his research be saved. If I didn't know better, I'd almost say they'd place his well being above that of his fellow researchers. In any case, I fully intend to take back what she has stolen. Whatever it takes to bring her destructive tendencies to an end, I'm prepared to do.



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