The Advanced Borg Drone was an augmented drone located on Borg sphere 634, which abducted the USS Voyager while it was en route back to the Alpha Quadrant. It was encountered by Lieutenant Alexander Munro after his beam-out failed and he found himself within the central plexus of the sphere. After a harrowing battle, Munro was able to destroy the drone.


The Advanced Borg Drone alongside a regular Borg Drone.

As its name implies, the Advanced Borg Drone sported much more formidable weaponry than a typical drone, in addition to stronger defensive capabilities and a personal transporter. It is also unique among drones in that it exhibited melee combat and combat tactics, teleporting behind Munro and charging into him. (ST video game: Elite Force II)

Although never specified, the Advanced Borg Drone appears to originally have been a Nausicaan due to the facial anatomy, green hued skin, large size, and the game's limited selection of species which includes several other Nausicaans.
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