Adventure Gaming in the Final Frontier was the first licensed Star Trek role-playing game. Released in 1978, its rule book pre-dates the more familiar FASA RPG and even the semi-licensed Star Fleet Battles, and was written with an eye toward those unfamiliar with RPGs.

Publisher's description[edit | edit source]

The game before you, The Final Frontier, is a game inspired by the famed Star Trek television series. But it has an unusual attitude. This is not a parcheesi or monopoly variant... This game is a role-playing game. It is a game where the players become the characters from the show. Thus, one player could be the fearless Captain James T. Kirk and another the logical Mr. Spock. But more than just carrying around a card with Kirk's name on it, the player is expected to be Kirk as much as he is able. He must lead the crew of the ship. Lead it, make decisions, give orders, and do all the things expected of the Captain of the Starship Enterprise.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Introduction
  • Preparation
  • The Basic Game
    • Star Trek Personalities
    • Basic Game Combat Rules
    • Movement
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat
    • Range Combat
    • Record Keeping
    • Creatures in Combat
    • Basic Game Equipment Rules
    • Playing a Scenario
      • The Shuttlecraft Crash
  • The Advanced Game
    • Playing a Scenario
      • The Slaver Ruins
    • Character Creating
    • Advanced Game Psionics
    • Familiar Star Trek Life Forms
    • Creating Alien Characters
    • A Selected List of Equipment and Weapons
    • Advanced Game Combat Rules
    • Creating Your Own Scenarios
  • Notes to the Mission Master

Module/adventures[edit | edit source]

The Shuttlecraft Crash[edit | edit source]

While traveling in the Galileo shuttlecraft, engine failure forces the ship to crash on a class M planet. The crew detects replacement dilithium to the northeast and an expedition heads out, but unusual terrain and a foggy atmosphere slow their progress. Between them and their goal are rock falls, quicksand, unusual radiation, armed native humanoids, and strange animal lifeforms.

The Slaver Ruins[edit | edit source]

In 2270, an uncharted planet is explored by a landing party from the starship USS Enterprise. The party comes across an ancient Slaver outpost, and while looking through its ruins, they uncover four unopened stasis boxes. Their examination is threatened by a team from an unknown alien spacecraft, local inhabitants seeded there by the Providers, and a variety of familiar but threatening animals.

References[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

Arex Na EthChekovChristine ChapelJames T. KirkShiboline M'RessLeonard McCoyJanice RandMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluNyota Uhura
Referenced only 
Beta XII-A entityChuft-CaptainGary MitchellGemChe'srik TalKolothKorax

Starships and vehicles[edit | edit source]

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • Galileo (class F shuttlecraft)
Referenced only 
IKS Devisor (Klingon battlecruiser) • Traitor's Claw (Kzinti police vessel)

Locations[edit | edit source]

Slaver outpost
Referenced only 
Antos IVPhylos II

Races and cultures[edit | edit source]

AndorianAquanblastoneuronCaitianDramianElasianGnalishGornHortaHumanKlingonKzintiLactranM-113 creatureMedusanMelkotianMetronNasatOrganianOrionPhylosianProvidersRomulanSkorrSlaverTalosianTellariteTholianTriexian or EdoanTroyianVedalaVendorianVulcan

States and organizations[edit | edit source]

FederationRomulan Star EmpireSlaver EmpireStarfleet

Science and classification[edit | edit source]

anti-containment suitanti-contamination suitarcheologyarmored pressure suitbackpackbiocomputerBloodhypebody armorchainmailchronometerclass Mcommunicatorcutter beamdeflector shieldenergy shieldengineenvironmental suitfilter maskforce fieldforcefield boxhologramIrvingoscopelaser beaconlife support beltlife support maskmagnetic probematter conversion beammedical tricordermedikitmedipouchmedscannermind sifternarcoticnerve gasphaser borepolice webportable antigravpower packpsionic amplifierpsychic probepsychotricordershieldsonic grenadespearstasis boxstasis fieldsubcutaneous transpondertelefocalstheragentransportertricorderuniversal translatorvibro-bladevoderwarp drive

Lifeforms[edit | edit source]

ameoboidanthropoidbovinecanineCapellan power catcatdinosaurenergyfelinoidgalaxyGamma Trianguli VI pod plantgiant drywormglommergossamer mousegrasshalo fishhumanoidinsectoidjunglele-matyamugatoplantpolymorphpsychokinesisreptilereptillianRetlaw plantRigellian hypnoidsandbatsehlatSlaver sunflowersnakeswoopertelekinesistribbleursinoidvampire cloud

Weapons[edit | edit source]

agonizerahn woonaxebowclubcrossbowdaggerdisruptorflintlock musketgrenadekligatKlingon disruptorknifelaserlirpamachine gunneuronic whipnuclear blasterphaserphaser riflephoton grenadepistolrevolverrifleRomulan disruptortype-1 phasertype-2 phaser

Ranks and titles[edit | edit source]

captaincommanderdoctorensignlieutenantlieutenant commandernursesecurity guardsub-commanderwarrior

Other references[edit | edit source]

19th centuryalienatmospherecrewcrystaldilithiumESPfirefirearmhelmetkilometerlanding partylifeforcelifeformlithiummagnetismmind meldorbitoreplanetpoisonPrime Directivepsionicsquicksandradiationrocksilkskeletonstuntechnologytelepathy

Appendices[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

  • Published by Heritage Models, the rule book incorporated technology, characters and races from both TOS and TAS. It provided game mechanics, two adventure modules, and additional scenario suggestions involving the starship investigating a derelict or acting in a police role when a civilian liner was found carrying contraband. There were also adventure suggestions for a planetary landing party. The guidebook clarified that player characters could be Starfleet personnel, Klingons, Romulans or members of any other race.
  • Heritage Models followed up the book with a line of 25mm metal figurines. Though many of the intended TAS figures advertised in the manual never materialized — Asmodeus, the Capellan power cat, Em/3/Green, Elysian Council, Lara, Lucien, Sord, Tchar, and Theela — notably they did release items #1618 Phylosian, #1620 Skorr, and #1622 Kzinti.
  • While no supplements were released by the company, an expansion of the rules and an adventure module were published in RPG magazine articles.

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