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"Adventures in the 32nd Century, Issue 4" is a comic, the 4th issue of IDW Publishing's Discovery comic series, Adventures in the 32nd Century. It was released on 8 June 2022.



The exclusive comics tie-in to the hit show continues here! It's finally time for Linus to shine! Discovery's enigmatic science officer proves to be much more than just the average Saurian in this original tale of the far future.



Michael BurnhamHugh CulberLinusGen RhysSaruPaul StametsAdira Tal • "giants of terrible beauty"

Starships and vehicles

USS Discovery (Crossfield-class science vessel)


Earth (Sol star system, sector 001, treaty boundary quadrant 0, the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant) • Sauria (Psi Serpentis star system, treaty boundary quadrant 2, the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant)

Races and cultures


States and organizations


Science and classification


Technology and weapons


Other references

Starfleet Academy • races and culturesscience



Cover gallery


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