An Aeroshuttle (also known as Aerowing shuttle) was the term given to the ventrally docking subordinate craft of Intrepid-class starships. The craft was designed for atmospheric operations, and short-term missions as a support vessel, rather than as an independently operating small starship like the Danube-class on which it's based. (ST reference: Starship Spotter)

History[edit | edit source]

The Aeroshuttle was initially conceived as a support craft for the Intrepid-class, but some were also assigned to other starships and Starfleet installations. Construction of two prototypes began in 2369, closely followed by 15 production craft, seven of which were assigned to the new Intrepid-class ships. (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 3 Issue 12: "DS9 10th anniversary collectors issue")

The Aeroshuttle was then officially commissioned in 2370 and its success led to the development of the Waverider atmospheric operations shuttlecraft. (ST reference: Starship Spotter)

Early in the Dominion War, the Intrepid-class medium cruiser variant USS Elkins held an aeroshuttle. (DS9 episode: "A Time to Stand", studio model)

An aeroshuttle aboard USS Voyager (NCC-73602).

The USS Voyager was equipped with an aeroshuttle but, for as yet unknown reasons, rarely used it. In 2374, when the ship's main power systems were down (as well as power to the shuttlebay doors), Chakotay used the Aeroshuttle's transporters to beam him aboard, and then used it to save an away team. (VOY - Splashdown comic: "Part Four")

Around the same time, aeroshuttles were also equipped on Yeager-class light cruisers, like the USS Yeager. (The Official Starships Collection Issue 122: "USS Yeager")

In 2379, the following report was released displaying assignments of Aeroshuttles on non-classified missions as per stardate 56734.21. (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 3 Issue 12: "DS9 10th anniversary collectors issue")

hull # assignment status
AS-501 USS Intrepid operational
AS-502 USS Bellerophon operational
AS-503 USS Voyager overhaul in progress
AS-506 Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards operational; warp research
AS-508 Starbase 375 classified
AS-509 Jupiter Station operational; experiment transport
AS-511 Starbase 524 classified
AS-514 Starfleet Headquarters operational; courier
AS-515 Starfleet Headquarters operational; research; testing upgrades

The 2410 Pathfinder-class, an advanced iteration of the Intrepid-class, carried an Aeroshuttle in an external dock at the bow rather than docked to the underside of the saucer. (STO video game: Delta Rising)

By that time, the Aeroshuttle was available for installation on all long-range science vessel classes based on the Intrepid class. The docking port was called "Aero Shuttle Bay". The Aeroshuttle could still be launched while the ablative generator was active and the vessel enveloped in a protective shell. (STO - Delta Rising mission: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock")

The 3180s-era Janeway-class variant of the Intrepid class lacked could not be fitted with the 25th century iteration of the Aeroshuttle. (STO - House Reborn mission: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock")

Mirror universe[edit | edit source]

Mirror aeroshuttle.

In the mirror universe, an aeroshuttle was docked in the ventral hull of the Terran Imperial starship ISS Voyager during its operations in the Delta Quadrant in the year 2373. (VOY comic: "Mirrors & Smoke")

Specifications[edit | edit source]

In its basic configuration, the Aeroshuttle was 24.8 meters long with a 29.6 meter wingspan, and displaced 222.5 metric tonnes. It could accommodate six crewmen on a standard two week mission. It was capable of effective operations within planetary atmospheres ranging from class D to class J and was highly maneuverable in flight. Its sensors were optimised for planetary surveys, but could also be used for reconnaissance or covert operations. All shipboard systems were controlled and monitored by an M-15 Isolinear III processor. (ST reference: Starship Spotter)

Propulsion and navigation[edit | edit source]

The Aeroshuttle was mounted with two LF-9X4 Advanced Compact Linear Warp Drive Units and two FIB-3 Compact Subatomic Unified Energy Impulse Units, which gave it a cruising speed of warp factor 3 and a maximum velocity of warp factor 5. The primary navigation system was provided by RAV/ISHAK Mod 3 Warp Celestial Guidance. (ST reference: Starship Spotter)

Weapons and defense[edit | edit source]

An FSQ-2 Primary Force Field and Deflector Control System provided the main defensive systems, while offensive weaponry included four Type VI collimated phaser arrays and two Mark 25 direct-fire photon microtorpedo tubes. (ST reference: Starship Spotter)

Interiors[edit | edit source]

Large transporter pads

The inside of the Aeroshuttle was very similar to the Danube-class runabout on which it's based. It was equipped with a large 2-pad transporter, that was actually big enough to fit more than 6 people. The shuttle also had a large weapons locker, filled with Type-2 phasers and tricorders. (VOY comic: "Splashdown, Part Four")

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Background[edit | edit source]

The Aeroshuttle never appeared on Star Trek: Voyager, but has several times in novels and comics, as well as technical reports in the official Star Trek: Magazines. It was never stated why it didn't appear on the series.

When designed, Doug Drexler had intended to re-use the Danube-class sets for the Aeroshuttle, but the Aeroshuttle was never used on screen. (From his blog)

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