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After Darkness was a three-part comic story arc, part of the ongoing series of Kelvin timeline Star Trek comics begun by IDW Publishing in 2013. The three issues were the 21st, the 22nd and the 23rd of the IDW series, released in May, June and July of 2013, respectively.


Title/Number Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Mike Johnson
Erfan Fajar
29 May 2013
26 June 2013
24 July 2013
Cover A

After Darkness
IDW Star Trek, Issue 22
IDW Star Trek, Issue 23
Cover B

After Darkness, p1 cover b
After Darkness, P2 RI-A
IDW Star Trek, Issue 23 RI-A
Cover C

After Darkness, P1 cover C
After Darkness, P2 RI-B
Cover D

After Dakrnes, p1 Cover D

Summary Edit

Spock begins to suffer from the effects of Pon farr and asks that the Enterprise deliver him to New Vulcan. There, the crew meets T'Pring, Spock’s previously unmentioned betrothed. Uhura reacts poorly to the revelation (though she later admits that she always knew his Vulcan heritage would one day threaten their relationship). Spock’s condition worsens; he overpowers his attendants and flees into the wilderness where he joins the sasaud, a group of Vulcans who were overpowered by their emotions over the loss of their homeworld and their own Pon farr. The sasaud live primitively, violently, and are believed to be too far gone to be helped. Kirk and Uhura refuse to give up Spock for dead and follow him into the harsh wasteland they now occupy, though they are attacked and must return to the safety of the ship without their comrade.

Scotty beams the more than two dozen sasaud into the brig while Chekov devises a solution to trick the ship’s transporter into recreating the environmental conditions of Vulcan within the pattern buffer. Reunited with the unique environment of their lost home, however briefly, the sasaud are restored to sanity and return to the colony. Spock parts from T’Pring, returns to the Enterprise, and makes his peace with Uhura.

Following Kirk’s incursion to their homeworld, the Klingon Empire arms for war. Commander Kor leads a squadron of prototype warships incorporating Nero’s advanced technology. A new alliance of the Romulan Empire and Section 31 also prepare for battle. 


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