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:{{ar|Spock}} • [[Romulan]] [[senator]] • unknown Romulan • {{ar|Nyota Uhura}} • {{ar|Leonard McCoy}} • {{ar|James T. Kirk}} • {{ar|Carol Marcus}} • unknown [[Vulcan]] • unknown Vulcan • {{ar|T'Pring}} • {{ar|Sarek}} • [[Spock|older Spock]] • {{ar|Pavel Chekov}} • {{ar|Hikaru Sulu}} • unknown Vulcan • unknown Vulcan • {{ar|Kor}} • [[Sasaud]] • Sasaud • Sasaud • Sasaud • Sasaud • Sasaud • Sasaud • Sasaud • [[Klingon]] officer • Klingon officer • Klingon officer
:{{ar|Spock}} • [[Romulan]] [[senator]] • unknown Romulan • {{ar|Nyota Uhura}} • {{ar|Leonard McCoy}} • {{ar|James T. Kirk}} • {{ar|Carol Marcus}} • 4 unknown [[Vulcan|Vulcans]] • {{ar|T'Pring}} • {{ar|Sarek}} • [[Spock|Spock Prime]] • {{ar|Pavel Chekov}} • {{ar|Hikaru Sulu}} • {{ar|Kor}} • 8 unknown [[Sasaud]] • 3 unknown [[Klingon]] officers

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"After Darkness, Part 2" was the twenty-second issue of IDW Publishing's ongoing series of Star Trek comics, published in June 2013. Colors and lettering were done by Stellar Labs. This comic was edited by Scott Dunbier, with Roberto Orci credited as the story consultant.


After the events of Star Trek Into Darkness, the U.S.S. Enterprise embarks on a five-year mission to explore uncharted space. But when Commander Spock experiences the onset of the Vulcan condition known as Pon Farr, the Enterprise changes course arrives at the colony of New Vulcan, in the hope that a cure for Spock's fever can be found there. Meanwhile, agents of the secretive Section 31 petition the Romulan senate to join them in destroying the Klingon Empire. But the Klingons have plans of their own...

On Romulus, the senator does not trust Section 31. The senator has figured that the humans are after the Red Matter.

On New Vulcan, Uhura wants answers from Spock as to why he never told her about pon farr and T'Pring before. He explains that Vulcans are betrothed to other vulcans at the age of seven and each seven years the condition called pon farr forces them to return home to their mate and complete an ancient mating ceremony that is the cure of their sickness. He and T'Pring had been bonded since childhood too, however, he had decided to free themselves from any obligation when he left Vulcan for the Academy thus allowing both of them to pair with another. Spock didn't believe, at the time, that he'd ever undergo pon farr (due to his dual human/vulcan heritage) so he thought it was the end of their relationship. He starts to apologize to Uhura when he's in pain all over again. Sarek then informs Kirk and the rest of the crew that Spock must stay with them on New Vulcan because there is nothing McCoy can do to help Spock. Uhura, Kirk and McCoy object to this, but they're ultimately forced to accept that leaving Spock with his father is the only way they can truly help him at the moment.

On the Enterprise, McCoy is angry because Sarek and T'Pring would not let him help Spock. Kirk on the other hand believes that Spock will come back when the mess is over and wants to trust Sarek. After arguing with Dr. McCoy, Captain Kirk goes to see Uhura who is sad that Spock has to do this but she says she's not angry with Spock and regardless her not liking the current situation, it also made her understand that the he loves her and this is the reason why he keeps some things about his Vulcan side (pon farr) from her (possibly for fear of losing someone he loves because of his alieness). The talk between Kirk and Uhura is interrupted by T'Pring contacting the Enterprise with bad news: Sarek had failed saving Spock. The blood fever that he was going through has driven him insane. T'Pring is worried that Spock is with a group of Vulcans called the Sasaud who have reverted back to pre-Surak state after the deconstruction of their home planet. Kirk decides to help them get back to civilization and logic so he, along with Uhura, Sulu and other security officers beam down on new Vulcan's surface in a volcano location where Spock and the other Vulcans affected by the sickness should be found.

On a D7-class battlecruiser, Commander Kor has come up with a plan for a surprise attack on the Federation.

To be continued...



SpockRomulan senator • unknown Romulan • Nyota UhuraLeonard McCoyJames T. KirkCarol Marcus • 4 unknown VulcansT'PringSarekSpock PrimePavel ChekovHikaru SuluKor • 8 unknown Sasaud • 3 unknown Klingon officers
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Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise


EarthRomulusNew Vulcan
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Shipboard locations

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Races and cultures


States and organizations

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Section 31Starfleet AcademyStarfleet

Ranks and titles

Senatorlieutenantcaptaindoctorfirst officersonchief medical officerofficercommander

Science and technology

Red matterphaserwarp drivemedicine


deathunionPon farrPlak towVulcancolonylogicloveret datortunicThe Great Awakeningemotionkilometervolcanofleet
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  • The only title information given is on the cover, with the phrase After Darkness. The Part 2 is taken from solicitation information.

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