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Aftermath is a 2019 Star Trek: Discovery comic miniseries that follows up on story threads from DSC season 2.

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In the aftermath of the 2019 finale, everything in Discovery has changed, and as L'Rell and Pike try to negotiate a fragile peace, Spock finds himself grappling with the fallout from what happened with Michael Burnham – and the mysteries about her still left to unravel.

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Many Klingons, including Kor’s father, decry L’Rell’s position and actions as chancellor as well as her self-appointed regnal name of “Mother.” Pike contacts L’Rell in an effort to build a lasting peace atop their temporary alliance. She agrees to preliminary talks on the planet Vaset III and appoints Kor as head of her personal security. Still on leave, Spock copes with Michael’s absence and considers his path forward without her. Pike asks for his help with the peace mission, though Spock questions his own presence at such an historic event. L’Rell asks Spock for a private conversation, seeking logical input on dealing with her internal enemies. However, some of those enemies, calling themselves the Shadows of Kahless, strike quickly, seizing control of her flagship and bombing the conference. They intend to return L’Rell to QonoS for a public execution. Spock evades capture long enough to rescue L’Rell, who remotely takes back control of her ship and crashes it into the planet’s surface, eliminating at least some of her enemies. She abandons the peace conference, instead returning home to root out the rest of her enemies. Spock realizes that his place is indeed aboard the Enterprise and returns to duty.


Title/Number Issue 1 Issue 2 Issue 3
Mike Johnson & Kirsten Beyer
Tony Shasteen
4 September 2019
25 September 2019
20 November 2019
Aftermath 1
Aftermath 2
DIS Aftermath 3
Cover Artist & Colors
Angel Hernandez & J.D. Mettler
Retail Incentive Photo Cover A
Aftermath 1A
Aftermath 2 1 copy
DIS Aftermath 3 Photo
Retail Incentive Cover B
Aftermath 1B


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John Colicos’ ridgeless Kor appears as he did in “Errand of Mercy,” though with longer hair. 

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