Aghan was the adopted name of a male Human terrorist in the 21st century. Aghan was a part of the Alliance for the Twelfth of November, supporters of the Twelve November Uprising. Aghan had a base in Eastern Europe, from where he monitored spy equipment planted at a number of news organizations around the globe. In 2045, he intercepted and translated a call between Ukrainian journalist Mariya Yevchenkova and her niece, Tatya Bilash, talking about stranded aliens on Earth. Aghan convinced terrorist leader Easter that the capture of these aliens would help them advance their respective causes. However, in attempting to do so, Aghan and his colleagues became stranded in Antarctica, and were eventually captured by authorities. His capture, and subsequent "re-education", marked a death knell for his and other terrorist organizations. (TOS novel: Strangers from the Sky)

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