Agmar was a Phylosian who acted as a spokesman and leader for Phylos II in the 23rd century, eventually becoming its ambassador.

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It was newly born when the exiled Augment scientist Stavos Keniclius landed on Phylos II, unintentionally bringing a plague with him that rendered its people sterile. Agmar could vaguely recall those events. It aided successive clones of Keniclius, including Stavos Keniclius 5, with the goal of creating an intergalactic clone army to impose peace.

In 2269, it spoke for the Phylosians when a landing party from the USS Enterprise arrived. It cured Hikaru Sulu when he succumbed to the deadly bite of a retlaw plant. It assisted in the kidnapping of Spock and the birth of the clone Spock 2, who was intended to be the mold for their clone army. But Spock 2's belief in IDIC and more peaceful galactic politics eliminated the need for an army. Instead, they repurposed themselves to curing the Phylosian's infertility. (TAS episode & Log Two novelization: The Infinite Vulcan)

Later, Agmar became the Federation ambassador of Phylos II. (ST reference: Worlds of the Federation)

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