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Ah-Ha! is a three-page comic story published in Too Many Presidents, the fifth issue of the Assignment: Earth miniseries, to make up the page count to the full twenty-two pages as the main story was three pages short.


Roberta Lincoln enters Apartment 12B with her hands full and wishes a peaceful Isis a good morning. As she walks across the room Roberta chats at Isis, noting that she hopes Mr. Seven won’t be too long or his coffee might get "co-oh-hhhhh!"

... Roberta trips and falls, sending the coffee flying. She immediately reaches for tissues to mop up the crash site as she despairs it will stain the wall-to-wall carpet. She instructs Isis to quickly go and get paper towels from the closet in the reception.

Isis dashes across the room, but then comes to a stop as she realises Roberta has taken up a relaxed reclined position, proclaiming: "Gotcha!"

At the door Gary enters, wishes Isis a good morning and begins to ask how she is, but barely finishes before the irritated cat stalks out of the apartment.

Roberta enters the room, with top cups dangling spill-effect coffee in hand and asks if Gary can spare her for twenty minutes as she needs to return her props to her friend Wally in the magic shop before his boss gets in.

Promising she'll "be back in time to help save the world again!" Roberta leaves a rather bemused Gary scratching his head.



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  • The story provides no dating, but presumably takes place in 1974 after the conclusion of the previous story.
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