An Ahn-Vahr, also called Ahn Vahr, was a weapon developed by the Vulcan civilization.

They were ceremonial daggers which were used in ancient times where it was part of the ritual form of suicide when the victim believed they had brought shame to their family. (TOS novel: Mindshadow) They were noted as being a double edged sword and kept by later era Vulcans in the central room as an ancient reminder of Vulcans warrior past. (TOS novel: Demons (novel))

In 2269, an assassin in Sarek's home attempted to kill him through the use of the Ahn-Vahr until he was stopped by Spock with the assistance of T'Pala. (TOS novel: Mindshadow) The same sword was removed from its customary location in Sareks home in 2270 which made Amanda Grayson worry about the motivation of the culprit with the ancient weapon. Spock later discovered a murdered Silek at his parents home with the stolen Ahn-Vahr used to kill him. (TOS novel: Demons (novel))

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