Aidulac (formerly known as Aidulac of the Girons) was a female Giron scientist, native of a world on the outskirts of the Zalkat Union. She was a solitary person who preferred to do her scientific work in private and allow others to buy and exploit her patents.

One day, she was visited by Malkus the Mighty, the supreme ruler of the Zalkat Union. He demanded that he create four Instruments of Power, giving him power over the mind, power over the elements, power of life and death, and power to overcome his enemies. To this goal, Malkus set Aidulac up in a laboratory with the greatest minds of the Union. Aidulac finally accomplished her goal, and presented the four Instruments to Malkus, who used them to put down a fomenting rebellion against the Zalkat Union.

Malkus then had Aidulac develop a genetic therapy which would prevent aging and give him immortality. Once this treatment was perfected and administered to Malkus, he set out to destroy all evidence of its existence, including the scientists who created it. Aidulac, anticipating this betrayal, managed to escape execution. She also used her immortality therapy on herself, in hopes of pursuing her own scientific endeavors.

When Malkus eventually was overthrown, Aidulac was captured and arrested by the rebels who had overtaken the Zalkat Union. However, in the interim, she had developed a method to impress her will upon others, and was able to escape, stealing a ship named Sun. She then set out to retrieve Malkus' Instruments, which the rebellion had hidden all across the Union.

After a long period without any success, she settled on planet Pegasus Major IV, where she seduced many men and bore many children, to whom she passed on her psionic abilities, and who would later come to be called "Sirens". Over time, her powers weakened to the point where she was only able to affect males. However, she soon grew bored of this life and continued her searching.

Some 90,000 years later, in 2266, Aidulac attempted to recover the first Artifact which had been discovered by a Federation colonist on Alpha Proxima II. She likewise attempted to intervene when two more Artifacts were unearthed in 2370 and 2371. When the final artifact was discovered on Narendra III, Aidulac headed there with a piece of the third artifact and confronted Malkus directly hoping to destroy him. Instead, he was able to cause the device she constructed to explode in her hands. After the Enterprise caused Malkus to permanently lose his connection to the artifacts, Aidulac was given prosthetic hands by Doctor Beverly Crusher and held in a Federation prison cell due to several outstanding warrants, some over two hundred years old. (ST - The Brave and the Bold, Book One novellas: The First Artifact, The Second Artifact; ST - The Brave and the Bold, Book Two novellas: The Third Artifact, The Final Artifact)

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