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This page details Airiam in the primary universe; for the Airiam in the mirror universe see Airiam (mirror).

Airiam was a female cyberneticly enhanced Human serving as an officer in the Federation Starfleet in the 23rd century until her death in 2257. (DSC episode: "Project Daedalus")


At some point before she became cybernetically augmented, Ariam eloped with a man named Stephen. However, Stephen was killed when the shuttle they were travelling in crashed on their return home. In the aftermath of the accident, Airiam received cybernetic augmentations. (DSC episode: "Project Daedalus")

By 2256, she had reached the rank of lieutenant commander and been assigned to the USS Discovery. That year, she served on the ship as a science officer as well as the spore drive officer. (DSC episode: "Context Is for Kings")

In 2257, her cybernetic parts became infected by an unknown entity from centuries in the future; any time it would assert control over her, an inverted pyramid of three red dots would flash in each eye. (DSC episode: "Light and Shadows")

This infection led to her motor functions being compromised, as the intelligence used her as a puppet, first to interfere in the use of the spore drive, and then in an attempt to give Section 31's computer, Control, a huge cache of information. The intelligence compelled her to upload the 100,000 years of information that the entity dubbed "sphere" had collected on artificial intelligence, in an attempt to give Control full sentience and, as believed by the crew of the Discovery, fulfill the vision Spock was shown by the Red Angel.

She was able to upload 25% of the data before Michael Burnham and Nhan intervened. Burnham was able to lock Airiam in an airlock in the course of the fight. After an attempt by Burnham to save Airiam by deleting the data Airiam had uploaded failed, she – briefly regaining control and demanding that they kill her before the enemy regains their foothold– was ejected into space by Nhan. She subsequently froze due to exposure, causing her systems to shut down.

Prior to her away mission to the Section 31 base and subsequent death, she uploaded the majority of her personal memories to Discovery's database. (DSC episode: "Project Daedalus")

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