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Ajit Ross was a male Human Starfleet engineer, born circa 2347. He was the nephew of Starfleet Admiral William Ross.


As a child, he demonstrated a talent for mechanics, leading his parents to believe he could be another Richard Daystrom, and his uncle to suggest he could be the next Montgomery Scott. This led him to join Starfleet, assigned primarily to starship repair, where he proved to be a competent engineer, though not an extraordinary one. Over the course of his career, particularly during Admiral Ross' leadership of Starfleet during the Dominion War, Ajit began to feel inferior to his uncle, and under-appreciated by his family.

In 2376, he requested a transfer to Starbase Deep Space 10, in order to put a distance between himself and his uncle's offices at Starfleet Command, and establish his own reputation. Early on in this assignment, Ross began purposely performing small acts of sabotage, which he would then discover and repair. He was issued a number of commendations for his performance, and repeated these acts several times over the course of nine months. He was caught when a normally insignificant glitch was exacerbated by the non-standard construction of the station, and the USS da Vinci had to be called in to correct the problem. During the investigation, Dr. Sarjenka drew an analogy between the damage to the station to a human psychiatric disorder called Munchausen syndrome. Ross was caught, relieved of duty, and given over to psychiatric care. (CoE eBook: Troubleshooting)



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