Ajjem-kuyr was a municipality on the planet Coroticus III, and the location of the Coroticans' celebrated learning Academy. Ajjem-kuyr was widely seen as a city of enlightenment, though some considered its citizens religious heretics, in part for their interest in and pursuit of the sciences. Ajjem-kuyr did maintain religious temples, though some of their practices, such as worshiping the gods on the third day of the month of growing, were still considered unorthodox.

During the Dominion War, Coroticus was occupied by the Vorta Ushpallar, who sent Jem'Hadar troops into Ajjem-kuyr to enforce order. When the people of the city questioned Ushpallar's authority, and his claims of being a god, Ajjem-kuyr was annihilated by an advanced weapon which left nothing of the city but an irradiated expanse of glass. The only known survivor of this destruction was Jarolleka, an academician who had been visiting the Qrantish Coast at the time. (SCE eBook: Fables of the Prime Directive)


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