Ajjem-kuyr Academy was a celebrated learning and philosophical institution in the city of Ajjem-kuyr on the planet Coroticus III. The Academy was home to many brilliant scientists and academicians, dedicated to forming a greater understanding of the natural world. Among the scientists there was Ixardes, who first theorized the existence of microscopic objects which caused and spread diseases.

During the Dominion War, Coroticus was occupied by the Vorta Ushpallar, who claimed to be a god sent to rule the Corotican people. The Academy, which long taught that the gods existed only in fables to explain natural phenomena, resisted Ushpallar. The Academy also succeeded in duplicating some of the "miracles" Ushpallar had created through their understanding of science. In response to his authority being undermined in this way, Ushpallar had the Academy and the whole city of Ajjem-kuyr annihilated by an advanced weapon which left nothing of the city but an irradiated expanse of glass. The only known survivor of this destruction was Jarolleka, an Academy academician who had been visiting the Qrantish Coast at the time.

In an effort to minimize the cultural contamination done by the Dominion during the war, Federation cultural specialist Carol Abramowitz told Dyrvelkada, the religious leader of the town of Baldakor, that the Academy had been destroyed by Henjiqi, evil shapeshifters from Corotican legend, who feared the knowledge being gathered at the Academy would expose them. With this, Jarolleka hoped to convince Dyrvelkada to help rebuild the Academy in Baldakor. (SCE eBook: Fables of the Prime Directive)

The institution is simply called "the Academy" by the Coroticans, with only Abramowitz referring to it as "Ajjem-kuyr Academy."


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