Emblem of the Romulan Star Empire.

Akeev was a male Romulan officer serving the Empire in the early 24th century. Akeev was a bright scientist and a loyal, but lousy officer. His poor service record explained why he, despite his age, had never been promoted above Sublieutenant.

In 2311, Akeev was serving as Science Officer aboard the flagship Tomed, he had served under Admiral Aventeer Vokar for five years. While Tomed was escorting the USS Enterprise out of Romulan space, Akeev noticed some odd radiation spikes on the Enterprise when Tomed lowered shields in order to begin beaming off the crew, the Enterprise solved the problem, but not before a Starfleet Special Operations team was able to beam onto Tomed. After a sabotage of the quantum singularity warp drive, Vokar, Linavil, Elvia, T'Sil, and Valin stayed behind after the ship was evacuated in order to try to stop the containment field breakdown.

After the Special Operations team had overpowered the remaining Tomed crew, Captain John Harriman gave them the option of either coming with the team as prisoners, or staying behind to die on the ship. When T'Sil and Valin chose the first option, under Vokar's order, Akeev jumped up behind Valin and snapped his neck. Akeev was then shot by Harriman. If he didn't die from the shot, he was killed when Tomed exploded in the Foxtrot Sector. (ST - The Lost Era novel: Serpents Among the Ruins)

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